Peoria Journal Register

July 18, 2003

Nancy Brinker quits Hungary ambassador post

Copley News Service

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Peoria native Nancy Goodman Brinker has left her post as ambassador to Hungary, reportedly to work on President Bush's re-election

Brinker, a Bush family friend and a big contributor to Bush's first
presidential campaign, is the founder of The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer
Foundation in Dallas, Texas. The foundation is named for her sister, who
died from the disease in 1980.

Brinker wasn't immediately available for comment.

However, she has been back in the United States for about two weeks and
still is ''investigating'' what to do next, said her mother, Ellie Goodman
of Peoria.

Goodman said she wouldn't be surprised if Brinker worked for Bush's
re-election campaign.

''They're among her favorite people, so I assume she would,'' Goodman said.

President Bush on Wednesday said he would nominate his father's cousin to
take her place as ambassador to Hungary.

Typically, ambassadors would stay in their posts for three years, but two
isn't uncommon. Brinker returned early partly because the high level of
security during a period of frequent terrorism alerts made normal life
difficult, Goodman said.

''It's been so intense, having all that security. She is an American, and
it's very hard to live with. You're grateful to have them, but we're not
used to that,'' Goodman said. ''She couldn't go to a bathroom in a
restaurant without them sweeping the place first.''

President Bush nominated Brinker to be the U.S. ambassador to Hungary on May 23, 2001. She was confirmed by the Senate and sworn in as ambassador on Sept. 6, 2001. She assumed charge of the embassy in Hungary later that

Critics at the time noted that she was another in a long line of political
contributors named to prestigious foreign posts in recent decades.

A spokesman for the BushCheney re-election campaign said she holds no formal title with the campaign at this time. But the committee has only recently started announcing regional chairs