Springfield Journal Register

May 8, 2002

House approves resolution of apology to Canada over bombing 


WASHINGTON ó The House Tuesday unanimously approved a resolution expressing regret and sympathy for the families of
the four Canadian soldiers who died in the April 17 friendly fire incident in Afghanistan.

"Itís awfully difficult because many times in pursuing a war Ö you hurt your friends, you hurt yourself," Rep. Amory Houghton,
R-N.Y., the resolutionís author, said on the House floor.

"How do you say youíre sorry? This is one of the ways weíre trying to express our sorrow. Canada has always been there for
us in times of trouble," said Houghton, a member of the House International Relations Committee.

The resolution praises the performance and heroism of Canadian soldiers and reaffirms "the nationís appreciation for Canadaís
strong support and commitment to the war against terrorism."

The four Canadian soldiers were killed and eight others wounded when an Illinois National Guard 

F-16 fighter jet mistakenly dropped a bomb on Canadian troops involved in a nighttime live-fire training exercise. The fighter
was from the 183rd Fighter Wing based in Springfield.

"The only thing worse than seeing a brother or sister killed is when you are responsible for that act," said Rep. John LaFalce,
D-N.Y., whose district includes Niagara Falls.

"On behalf of every American, we say to every single Canadian, we are so, so sorry."

The United States and Canada are conducting separate investigations into the incident.

The Senate passed a similar resolution April 23.