Springfield State Journal Register

May 25, 2002

Shimkus to present NATO plan in Bulgaria 


WASHINGTON — Rep. John Shimkus left Friday for Bulgaria to present his vision of the military role of NATO in the war
on terrorism.

That vision includes a commitment by all NATO countries to increase their defense spending to ensure a faster, more mobile
and more lethal response, said Shimkus, R-Collinsville.

Shimkus and his French counterpart on the NATO Parliamentary Assembly’s defense committee were asked last fall to
develop a long-range NATO policy on how to prevent and counter international terrorism.

The defense committee will consider the draft today and present it to the full Parliamentary Assembly in the fall.

Shimkus’ presentation will come even as President Bush travels in Europe to garner support for an expanded war against
terrorism. European allies have been critical of Bush for not adequately listening or consulting with them.

Shimkus said he will emphasize a need for "real-time" targeting and decision-making in fighting terrorists.

Unlike the situation in Kosovo, Shimkus said: "You can’t have 18 countries give approval of targets in this environment."

In addition, U.S. allies need to ensure they have the advanced military technology to carry out the fight.

"We, the United States, are pulling ahead of even the most developed NATO allies in military technology," Shimkus said. "They
need to spend more on defense. If they want to be war-fighters with us, they need to be of equal standing. ..."