Dori Meinert

LaHood, Emanuel push for expanded insurance program 2/17/07
Rove has little to say about Obama  2/10/07
Democrats blast Bush's budget  2/6/07
Detainee policy questioned 2/2/07

Lawmakers criticize Bush for not visiting hardest-hit Illinois towns 1/31/07
President's words on alternative fuel praised by ethanol producer 1/25/07
Illinois lawmakers split along party lines on health care, Iraq 1/24/07
Obama fights off reports he went to Muslim school
Rumor debunked by CNN, AP  1/25/07

Obama's record is firmly partisan 1/21/07
Corn growers back revenue safety net 1/16/07
Obama's first step  1/17/07
All in a Day's Work  1/14/07
Illinois Democrat gives response to president's address  1/11/07
LaHood supports Bush plan for Iraq 1/10/07
Durbin, Obama against sending more American soldiers to Iraq  1/6/07
'It's a pretty awesome feeling'  1/5/07

Pentagon report notes concerns 12/15/06
Area projects in jeopardy as earmarks frozen 12/14/06
Durbin: Inaction by Congress hurts Illinois 12/8/06
City native named C-SPAN co-president  12/11/06
Shimkus, Hastert rapped on page case  12/9/06
Hare prepares to join House 12/9/06
Peoria shoeshine man praised in Senate 12/7/06
Lawmakersí reactions mixed on Iraq report 12/7/06
George's place gets update  12/4/06


Shimkus testifies on Foley 10/14/06
Shimkus to appear before panel today  10/13/06
Shimkus demands Durbinís apology 10/7/06
LaHood's plan criticized 10/6/06
Shimkus blasts back at questions about Foley  10/4/06
Hastert rejects demands to quit 10/4/06
LaHood: Program 'should be terminated' 10/3/06
Hastert, Shimkus defend actions  10/3/06

Defense Departmentís wind farm report is a lot of huff and puff  9/29/06
Spending bill likely to pass this week 9/29/06
Bielfeldt Foundation increases donations 9/21/06
House shines light on earmarks 9/15/06
LaHood seeks broad immigration reform plan 9/14/06
After burying her husband in her hometown of Morton, mother takes hold of 'big job' 9/10/06
Manual High School graduate says she will never forget images she saw at the Pentagon 9/10/06
Peorian leaves Washington, D.C., area following attacks to raise daughter 9/10/06
Memorials may help families cope 9/11/06
Obama, Durbin obstruct nominee  9/8/06


JULY 2006
LaHood urges Israel to show restraint  7/19/06
Senate to take up plan for locks, dams  7/18/06
Durbin urges Gitmo's closing after tour  7/12/06
Durbin visits Guantanamo Bay prison 7/11/06

JUNE 2006
Senate OKs special coin for Lincolnís 200th birthday  6/30/06
House approves increase in justice assistance grant 6/30/06
$1 million for presidential library, museum 6/30/06
Blagojevich, Daley present wish lists 6/28/06
LaHood defends earmarked project
Says money for technology center would create jobs 6/26/06

Illinois lawmakers disclose finances 6/15/06
Lawmakers disclose assets 6/15/06
LaHood 'prediction' targeted terrorist 6/9/06
Wind farm supporters charge politics 6/8/06

A triumphant send-off
Evans receives kind words during retirement ceremony 6/8/06

Senators press EPA for details on toxics 6/2/06

MAY 2006
Congress, Bush at odds on farm aid 5/13/06
Power name of game on Capitol Hill 5/17/06
Illinois representatives respond to immigration proposals 5/16/06
Lawmakers call for action 5/12/06
Meeting with CIA nominee fails to placate Sen. Durbin 5/11/06
Peoria's LaHood backs Hayden - Illinois senators concerned about CIA nominee's military, NSA background 5/9/06
Davlin seeks aid in D.C. 5/5/06

Ethics bill clears House by 4 votes 5/4/06
House panel honors retiring representative 5/4/06
Senators push for vote on water bill 5/3/06

APRIL 2006
LaHood departs for India 4/8/06
Lawmakers defend earmarks for state 4/27/06
Public service or quid pro quo? 4/26/06
LaHood: Earmarks good for district 4/26/06
Feds release al-Marri documents 4/12/06
Evans leaving legacy as defender 4/2/06

MARCH 2006
Evans endorses longtime district aide; 3/31/06
Bush declares Sangamon County disaster area 3/29/06
Disaster declaration made 3/29/06
Evans announces retirement 3/29/06
Shimkus, others not allowed close-up view of ballot count 3/22/06
Lobbyist working for Shimkus PAC resigns 3/9/06

Obama carries a tune 3/12/06

Planners seek $100 million for Lincoln bicentennial 2/19/06
Illinois lawmakers say Cunningham 'bribe menu' may fuel reform effort 2/22/06
Former comrades angered by 'bribe menu' 2/22/06
Lincoln statues in need of help 2/15/06
Cellini named to Lincoln Bicentennial Commission 2/11/06
Peoria Guard units threatened by cuts 2/10/6
Plan may mean 1,000 fewer state guardsmen 2/9/06
Caterpillar founder to be honored 2/9/06
Budget a mixed bag for Illinois 2/7/06
Bush's ethanol ideas well received 2/2/06

LaHood: Electing Boehner sends message of reform 2/3/06

Lawmakers split on address 2/1/06
Soldiers get close-up view of speech 2/1/06

Durbin says Republicans have 'misplaced priorities' 1/27/06
Senators seek probe into ethanol access 1/27/06
LaHood reduces ties to lobbyists 1/26/06
Obama, Durbin say 'no' to Alito 1/25/06
Shimkus PAC's treasurer a lobbyist 1/13/06
Sen. Durbin fails to corner Alito on abortion issue 1/12/06
Durbin challenges Alito on abortion, civil rights 1/10/06

MGP reaches air pollution settlement 12/22/05
Republicans reject farm relief funds 12/21/05
Democrats assail wiretaps 12/20/05
Wounded Iraq veteran plans House bid 12/17/05
National All Kids proposed 12/14/05
Federal-state flu pandemic plan in the works 12/6/05
At rest among heroes 12/8/05

Cutbacks may hurt Illinois' poor 11/10/05

Congress approves funds for Lincoln tourism project 11/19/05
Federal money rolls into Peoria 11/19/05

Lawmaker wants to be U.S. attorney 11/11/05
Water projects, museum get funding 11/10/05
Sen. Obama takes a stand on lead paint regulations 11/5/05
Senators say Guard needs more equipment 11/4/05

Durbin softens on court nominee 11/3/05
Illinois rakes in farm aid 11/3/05

Amendment aims to shield seniors from identity theft 10/26/05

LaHood: Charges could be bad for Bush, Republicans 10/28/05
Sox win gets poetic response 10/28/05
Reps. Shimkus, LaHood support end to pay hike 10/22/05
Students improve slightly in math 10/20/05
LaHood votes against refinery bill 10/8/05
Durbin wants to know more about Miers 10/7/05
Rep. Shimkus promotes oil refinery bill 10/1/05
LaHood opposes environmental changes 10/1/05

Durbin makes deal on health-care coverage 9/30/05

Senators criticize cruise ship deal 9/29/05
Route 66, Illinois River Road gain scenic status 9/23/05
Durbin, Obama oppose Roberts 9/23/05

Durbin urges Roberts to clarify positions on civil rights and privacy rights 9/12/05
Rep. Shimkus explains decision to drop term limit pledge 9/8/05
Durbin, Obama criticize federal response to hurricane 9/7/05
Durbin calls for stepped up scrutiny of Roberts 9/7/05

Sen. Obama makes first foreign trip 8/24/05
Governor makes final plea to spare Illinois bases 8/23/05
Illinois senators criticize recess appointment
Debate over Lincoln Memorial balances security and symbolism

JULY 2005
Energy bill to boost ethanol
Major Springfield projects in road bill
Farmers can receive aid
Senate approves trade agreement

JUNE 2005
Senate energy bill contains goodies for Illinois
Illinois lawmakers split down party lines on effectiveness of president's speech
Durbin to talk to veterans at convention
$1 billion shortfall in budget for vets' health
VFW accepts Durbin apology
Springfield youth lobbies Congress for diabetes research funding
LaHood: Trips not on U.S. taxpayers

Diesel emissions passes Senate
Durbin apologizes

Evans defends Durbin
Farmers wait for energy bill

Durbin sorry for 'misunderstanding'
Sen. Durbin apologizes for Guantanamo remarks
Bill proposed to cut emissions from old diesels
Sen. Durbin discloses travels to Hawaii, Italy

Services are held for Bloomington FBI agent
Pentagon: There is life after jets

MAY 2005
Shimkus opposes limiting women's roles in combat
Fight to keep F-16s here continues

VA official provides benefits report
Lefkow: Protect judges
Durbin, Davlin meet with BRAC commissioner
City to lose F-16s
Rep. Weller denies link to troubled lobbyist
Illinois lawmakers describe evacuation
Tax information can be misleading

APRIL 2005
LaHood says he gave Hastert blunt advice on ethics 
Governor advocates Capitol Avenue project
IPAM contract under review

VA secretary to meet with Illinois veterans May 20
Lesson plans come first

Panel: Judges deserve more protection
LaHood among lawmakers who visited China

MARCH 2005
Bush names base closing members
Sen. Durbin traveling to Middle East during break

Injured 233rd soldier fitted with artificial limb after amputation

Shimkus undergoes open-heart surgery for genetic condition
Obama's staff combines experience, enthusiasm
Obama seeks middle ground

Roads bill includes money for central Illinois
Sens. Obama, Durbin blast Bush plan impact on blacks

Bill would give central Illinois road projects millions

Blagojevich chairs Midwest Governors Conference
Galesburg guard members finish training, prepare for Iraq
A different battle

Illinois farmers and veterans to be hit hard by proposal

Controversial NIU prof will stay
Sen. Obama creates fund-raising PAC, plans to help mayoral candidates in spring
Illinois band gets a look at history and more
Notre Dame students shiver for a glimpse of Bush
Central Illinoisans head to Washington to support 'our guy'

Peoria-area residents find inauguration to be hot ticket
Bigger, Brighter, Bolder
Durbin's new digs

Army Corps reaffirms Illinois & Mississippi River plans
Safety of drug imports questioned
Obama gains book deal
Fitzgerald will retire with record of reform
Bielfeldt suit largest in recent state history
Bielfeldt family sued for millions

LaHood and Shimkus oppose intelligence reform measure; Evans supports

Obama meets with Bush, Fitzgerald

Congress approves $13 million to design lock expansion
Farm aid up in Illinois last year
Federal funds to benefit local agencies
Congress OKs zoo, museum funds
Durbin pledges to help Obama obtain committee assignment
Obama gets oriented in the Senate
Prison guard fights 'poverty of the spirit'
Madigan defends drug-sniffing dogs before high court
Obama must work his way up in Senate
Durbin considers bid to move up in leadership

Former Republican congressman urges Bush's defeat
Bush signs $136 billion tax-cut bill
Flu shots for Congress controversial
Illinois house members rake in campaign funds
Wild cards
New members named to Bielfeldt Foundation
Young voters show interest in election

From Taylorville to Capitol Hill
Sen. Jon Corzine a key fund-raiser for Democrats

Partisan divisions grow in Congress


JULY 2004
LaHood raps intelligence plan; Durbin supports it
Obama to give keynote address
'Can-do' spirit earns engineers attention
Bielfeldts modify foundation

JUNE 2004
GOP leaders exhale in relief
Republicans question Ryan's future
Cat persuaded to back phaseout of export subsidy
Financial reports show representatives like real estate
LaHood blasts Ryan's 'bonehead campaign'

Eurekan helps plan state funeral
Cat praised for school bus project
LaHood shocked at Tenet's timing
Which senators are good Catholics?

MAY 2004
Local vets in D.C.
Senators push forward lock expansion plan 
LaHood: Bush is 'hanging tough'
Chambers' members rub elbows with high-profile speakers

Durbin: Pentagon will finally beef up Bartonville Chinooks
Retrofit slated for 8 Chinooks in Iraq
Durbin: Abuse 'will haunt us for generations'
EPA finalizes diesel rules
Half of Illinois unit's Humvees lack armor
Chinooks lack advanced missile defenses

APRIL 2004
River project will move forward

Bartonville-based reservist fired rifle as he fled ambush
Reactions to Rice predictable
Thomas Skinner promoted within EPA by president
House approves $275 billion transportation bill

MARCH 2004

State bids for clean-coal plant
Critics of Corps of Engineers pursue reforms in Congress
Deaths from asbestos lead to push for ban
Memo case to be sent to Justice

Panel: Ex-Senate staffers stole memos
Report: Summit County ranks high in asbestos deaths

Illinois couple challenges federal ban on import drugs
Blagojevich pushes drug plan in D.C.
Washington conflicted over same-sex marriage
Governor: Hastert has 'Illinois on his mind'

Durbin accused of leaking information
Bush budget leaves out river projects

Risky business
Ricin slows senators' workday
Local Guard facility part of Bush budget

Durbin wants more done to ensure food safety
LaHood stands by vote to invade Iraq

Senate OKs bill funding central Illinois projects
American, United to cut O'Hare flights
Ohio lawmakers react to Bush along party lines
Illinois lawmakers show partisan reaction to speech 

Back from Iraq
National exposure
233rd suffers first serious injury
Durbin asks why it took so long to confirm mad cow case
State rated average in safety laws

Durbin to renew push for tighter regulations

Last call
Senator and Ryan had their moments

Changes proposed in train whistle ban
LaHood praises efforts of military
Panel criticizes U.S. Army Corps of Engineers again over lock and dam project
Delayed spending bill affects central Illinois

GOP aide punished for leaking Durbin file
Rep. LaHood proposes federally designating area to honor Lincoln

Energy bill vote blocked
Fitzgerald says he will vote for energy bill
Senator: Bill 'last chance' to increase ethanol use

Durbin to vote against energy bill
Negotiators agree to $1.2 billion for Amtrak
Army orders defense systems for all helicopters
Guard says it told Army of copters

Army used copters known to lack defenses
Galesburg Guard funds OK'd

Congress pledges $2.2 million for Illinois River watershed
Durbin questions if copter properly equipped
Choppers lack defense system 
Federal lawmakers urge ban on ephedra products
Guard member says helicopters lack defense
Capitol Hill services for Corinne Michel
House passes death penalty reforms
DOD: Copter had  anti-missile system
LaHood wants to protect Illinois military bases
Ethanol provisions bog down energy bill

Presidential library funds clear hurdle / House, Senate negotiators agree to send $5 million
Congressmen reject Durbin's pay plan for National Guard, reserves
Agency heads visit capital 
Congress scrambles to revamp tax policy
Iraq trip strengthens Shimkus' support for aid
Lawmakers compromise on bill for access to DNA testing

ADM to contribute to world food program Project 
Group calls Cat a 'war profiteer'
Drug plan strongly opposed
Fitzgerald opposes Air Force lease plan
Political leaders from Illinois react along partisan lines
Park district lauds House vote on trails

Durbin recoils at Iraq spending 
Farm aid down in Illinois last year
Panel wants farm subsidies tightened
Foundation loses millions under Bielfeldts
Futures market can be extremely perilous
Corn trades get Bielfeldt fined, maybe suspended

IRS slaps $70 million lien on Bielfeldt

JULY 2003
Nancy Brinker quits Hungary ambassador post
$2 million approved to restore watershed

Federal funding coming up short
Senate committee OKs cash for Knox
Bob Michel recognized for service

JUNE 2003
Durbin, Fitzgerald vote for senior drug benefit
Lincoln Bicentennial Commission extended
Marshall, Stark counties added to metro area

Donation to Shimkus opens campaign finance debate
Local lawmakers disclose financial reports

Voters get glimpse at finances of leaders
A changing of the Guard 
Studies expose risks to diesel operators from emission effects
Senate OKs ethanol plan
Renewable energy bill fuels ethanol debate

MAY 2003
Health officials alarmed about West Nile virus
Housing debate

Scorpion's crew still mourned
Health experts gear up for virus threats
West Nile repeat predicted
Anti-terrorism training comes at high cost
LaHood skips tax-cut vote -- Congressman has important dinner
commitment in Peoria

Blagojevich, Daley meet with Illinois delegates
Illinois to get $50 million for homeland security

APRIL 2003
President will speak at Timken on tax cuts

EPA proposes rules for diesel
State seeks federal funding increase
ADM settles pollution charges
Abe statue unveiled in Virginia
An art as ancient as war itself gets updated quickly

Burning ethanol

MARCH 2003
A nose for news / Newseum exhibits are accessible while new facility is built
Island project suffers setback

State to receive funds to fight bioterrorism
LaHood helps change budget bill
Area lawmakers seek project funds

LaHood calls for gas inquiry
Red Alert: Panic, then protection

State to fight revisions to Clean Air Act
Ethanol backers gear up in Congress

Peoria's D.C. lobbyist struggles with funding
Capital on edge, but life goes on
Peoria-area projects in hands of Congress
Local lawmakers agree time running out
Planning begins for Lincoln bicentennial
President tells nation to pray for guidance
Budget includes military buildup

LaHood to chair subcommittee 
Making a case 
Peoria couple puts human face on Bush's argument for changing Medicare 
Leader may be lured by higher post 

Death row decision hard to gauge 
President solicits input on Clean Water Act 
Bush plan likely to be revised by lawmakers

Fitzgerald backs Frist to replace Lott 
Fitzgerald backs Lott
Factory farms reap restrictions 
EPA will crack down on factory farms' waste 

Illinois officials rap eased air rules 
Congress approves kid-friendly Web area / Special domain will keep content safe
Army economist attacks river project 
Ethanol measure shelved for year 
Bush rally moved to Armory 
Tickets to see president available to public today 

GOP sends out Bush tickets 
Ohio delegation splits along party lines over Iraq
Evans says Iraq resolution would hurt war on terror 

Tonkin resolution echoes in Congress
Parents urge ban on herbal stimulant 
Tonkin Gulf vote remembered 
Durbin works for resolution he can support 

Durbin wants sales of dietary aid to end 

More than a memory
Lawmakers offer no guarantees against future attacks
West Nile vaccine may be available in three years 
Shimkus aides: Pull ads about Enron 
Decatur TV station pulls ad criticizing Shimkus

Illinoisans in Congress cautious on Iraq 
Congress' actions could hurt health care 

EPA, ex-ombudsman set mediation session 
EPA agrees to mediate dispute with ex-ombudsman 
Durbin calls on FDA to ensure safety of diet aids
iesel engine debate revs up -- Caterpillar faces millions in
clean-air penalties

JULY 2002
Incumbent matchups may determine control of House 
Lawmakers propose rebate to benefit Cat 
Death penalty bill moves forward 
House unexpectedly strikes down O'Hare expansion plan 
EPA urged to delay clean-air rules to aid Caterpillar 

Election-year anxieties play in Yucca vote
Durbin expected to vote for nuclear waste site 

JUNE 2002
Springfield native to direct Red Cross
Congress pressures Bush to keep Amtrak on track 
Mineta sure Amtrak won't shut down 
Some Bush advisers oppose boost in ethanol use
Congressional hearings focus on death penalty reform bills 
Illinois lawmakers welcome new Cabinet-level department
Death penalty reform debated

MAY 2002
Gainer named Capitol Police chief 
Gainer in line for U.S. Capitol police chief 
Shimkus to present NATO plan in Bulgaria 
Acela Express an Amtrak success 

House passes bill creating kids domain on Internet 
LaHood upbeat on House passage of bill 
President signs $190 million farm bill; subsidies increased 
Lincoln tree tale doesn't ring true, experts find 

Senate approves Miller as U.S. attorney for Central District 
Senate passes farm bill 

House approves resolution of apology to Canada over bombing 
House OKs subsidy-rich farming bill 

APRIL 2002
Veteran pilot to co-chair bombing inquiry 
Jim Ryan visits Washington for campaign aid 
Guard pilots defended as able 
Bombing accident to be probed 
Committee approves bill for $4.6 billion a year in Amtrak aid 
Durbin seeks standards for driverís licenses 

Congress lobbied on locks 
Caterpillar, facing deadline, urges delay for cleaner diesel engines emission standards

MARCH 2002
Steel makers, buyers disagree on tariff 

LaHood bows out of House GOP whip race 
Gov. Ryan seeks more health-care funds 
Democrats: Shimkus backpedaling on campaign finance reform 
Irradiated mail arrives slowly, smelly 
OíHare expansion plan to go to House for vote 
Piece of a Lincoln favorite to live on 
Durbin, Fitzgerald back cap on subsidies 
LaHood goes against Bush, urges balanced '03 budget 
Reagan's boyhood home designated national historic site 
Lawmakers say proposal to cut state project money won't

Illinois stands to lose $250 million in highway funds 

LaHood says crisis worsening -- Congressman wants full-time mediator assigned to Mideast
Illinois Democrats praise Bushís poise 
Amtrak council OKís plan to privatize rail lines 
Durbin says he boycotted meeting with Arafat 
LaHood will travel to Middle East 

LaHood vying for majority whip post 
Rep. LaHood considers leadership race 
Sen. Durbin: Bin Laden video leaves no doubt about his guilt 
Railroads plan retirement reform 
White House opposes Democratic farm bill 
Study: Risk of mad-cow disease is low in U.S. 

Bush jabs Senate farm bill 
Airport explosive-detection devices underused, spot check finds
Senate candidate Cox aims to change image
Senators want legislation to cut off diamond trade linked to al-Qaida
LaHood one of seven Republicans to vote against package
Illinois lawmakers take precautions in offices 

House OKs $170 billion farm bill 
House rejects shifting farm funds 
Bush won't support farm bill 
Conservation funding meets opposition

Attacks leave farm funds in limbo
U.S. mulls takeover of airport security
Emphasis on farm aid shifts to conservation
Local man headed to Yemen
Most planes still grounded all over U.S.
Farm aid divided among few
County can't absorb all its livestock, poultry waste
Brinker to resign from Komen post 

JULY 2001
Illinois' take up for grabs in farm bill
Levy case doesn't deter D.C. interns
River restoration would receive boost from new federal program 
Senate panel approves only $5 million for library
House bill introduced to create clean coal

JUNE 2001
House buoys river restoration 
Politics played a major role in ethanol decision
Bush follows tradition in awarding ambassadorships
Those in career foreign service take different path 
House panel OKs $10 million for presidential library
Politics played a major role in ethanol decision
House panel earmarks money for river, ag center

MAY 2001
Peoria native cajoles Congress for White House
Peoria native in line to be ambassador to Hungary
Jeffords move could bring reversal of fortune for Illinois senators
ICC member urges Congress to keep pressure on reginoal Bells
Illinois farmers want more support for ethanol fromWashington 
Durbin proposes greater oversight of FBI
President pins Reserves promotion on Shimkus
State police seeking assistance from Congress
High energy costs driving up farmers' expenses

APRIL 2001
Fitzgerald pushes car booster seats for children
Airline tie-ups dominate talks by Ryan, Daley
Thompson won't rescind organ transplant policy
Tourists in nation's capital see reflections of Illinois
Clinton chief of staff, Podesta, retains ties to Illinois
Salmonella testing rules to remain

MARCH 2001
Durbin wavering on campaign finance reform
Senators join effort to shield homeowners from Indian lawsuit
Bush administration urges slowdown on declaring Reagan sites
Support grows for death penalty reforms
Local group declares progress on airport in Washington
Durbin backs expedited airport study
Corps of Engineers urged to consider alternative to dam and lock

February 2001
Peotone airport study to be accelerated
Developing renewable energy sources urged
Congressional roomies

January 2001
Lahood generally likes school plan
Illinois Republicans welcome Bush era
Fitzgerald rejects state wishlist
Illinois soldier, Roosevelt given medal of honor
Tickets scarce for Bush inaugural
Durbin urges ban on split-use biotech foods
Sen. Fitzgeral supports Ashcroft
Lahood wins House Appropriations seat
New Illinois House members sworn in