Union Tribune

July 30, 2003

President set to visit San Diego in August
Fund raising, lunch with troops planned


WASHINGTON President Bush will visit San Diego Aug. 14 to raise money for his re-election campaign and to eat lunch with the troops at the Miramar Marine Corps Air Station.

It will be Bush's first visit to San Diego since touching down en route to his dramatic May 1 appearance aboard the Abraham Lincoln when he declared that the combat phase of the Iraqi war was over.

The White House announced yesterday that Bush would make a speech while on the base, likely focusing on national security issues. Later in the day, he is scheduled to appear at a $2,000-per-person reception and dinner at the San Diego Convention Center, said officials involved in his re-election effort.

Scott McClellan, the White House spokesman, said yesterday that Bush would interrupt his August vacation at his ranch in Crawford, Texas, to fly to San Diego for the two events. He will spend the night in Newport Beach before heading to a fund-raiser in Irvine and an environmental speech at the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area on Aug. 15.

Late last month, Bush swept through the state on a one-day fund-raising mission, collecting about $5 million at events in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Those and other events in the past two months have placed the president on track to amassing more than $170 million for next year's campaign smashing the $100 million record he set in 2000.