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Independents key in New Hampshire 1/8/08
Candidates sprint into final stretch in N.H. 1/8/08
Renegade Paul's funding, results a surprise in race 1/6/08
Some candidates shifting gears for N.H. 1/5/08

Romney in fight to keep hopes alive in Iowa race 12/23/07
McCain hopes N.H. will keep bid alive 12/10/07
NASA criticized for decision on aircraft 12/1/07

Amiable Huckabee aims high in Iowa 11/12/07
Opponents pounce on Clinton's wavering over driver's licenses 11/1/07

S. Carolina right wing takes shine to Giuliani 10/21/07
Voters, campaigns increasingly edgy about the economy 10/1/07


HEALTH CARE: THE PUSH FOR REFORM Massachusetts program captures attention of states 8/25/07

JULY 2007
Feinstein denies helping husband's firms 7/1/07

JUNE 2007

MAY 2007
Hunter struggles to be noticed on GOP debate stage 5/17/07

APRIL 2007

MARCH 2007
Feinstein challenges criticism against Lam 3/30/07
ROAD TO WHITE HOUSE  To Hunter, China is cause for alarm 3/11/07
Candidate Hunter courts conservatives 3/3/07

OBAMA BEGINS    The road ahead is hard - but not impassable 2/10/07

Hunter makes presidential run official with S. Carolina kickoff 1/26/07
Obama's first step 1/17/07
Speech doesn't answer fundamental questions 1/11/07
S.D. friend on Ford's last journey 1/3/07

A return to Washington;  Cheney praises ex-boss Ford in Capitol eulogy 12/31/06
1913 PRESIDENT GERALD R. FORD 2006  Healed nation after Watergate 12/27/06
Conservative Rep. Hunter may not find GOP right-wingers so friendly 12/26/06
Hunter airs first GOP ads of 2008 presidential race 12/20/06
Obama turning '08 race 'upside down' 12/10/06
Hunter hits S. Carolina to energize campaign 12/2/06

Harman out of the running for Intelligence post 11/29/06
Who will get bruised in Pelosi-Harman feud? 11/27/07
Senators may alter trading accords 11/16/06
GOP struggles for a plan to reunite party 11/12/06
Election gives Bush, Democrats second chance 11/9/06
Capitol Hill bracing for election shock wave 11/6/06

Labor unions push aside grudges to win key battles later 10/30/06
Illegal entry a hot issue in Ohio 10/18/06
Bush reaffirms vow to build border fence 10/12/06



JULY 2006
Bush blames Syria, Iran for violence 7/18/06
G-8 leaders urge end to growing Mideast violence 7/17/06
Allies appear to move closer to Bush 7/19/06
U.S., Russian tensions flare at G-8 summit 7/16/06
President talks with Russian activists 7/15/05

JUNE 2006
Bush returns from Baghdad confident in Iraq government 6/15/06
Democrats propose minimum-wage hike as election platform 6/17/06
Visit affirms Bush belief in Iraqi officials 6/15/06
Democrats get boos, cheers at 2008 audition 6/15/06

MAY 2006
Bush, Blair admit errors in Iraq war 5/26/06
Not getting credit 5/24/06

APRIL 2006

MARCH 2006
Congressional chorus takes ex-colleague to task 3/4/06

Contractor admits bribing Cunningham 2/25/06
Former comrades angered by 'bribe menu' 2/22/06
Bush budget blueprint adds muscle to military 2/7/06
Bush pushes energy plan, says U.S. 'addicted to oil' 2/1/06

Bush shrugs off photos with tainted lobbyist 1/27/06
Pork spending is threatened in ethics push 1/22/06
Bush to focus on healthy economy in effort to recharge his agenda 1/6/2005

Defiant Bush turns to his strong suit: national security 12/20/05

Writer's links to indicted lobbyist probed 12/17/05

Mistrust of Bush may hurt U.S. aims in Latin America 11/8/05
Bush renews trade pact call 11/7/05
Summit ends with no free trade accord 11/6/05
Anti-U.S. violence flares up at summit 11/5/05
Bush faces tough road at Summit of Americas 11/4/05

Economic summit set in boom-bust world of Argentina 11/3/05

Ruckus over court nomination threatens Bush's stature 10/7/05

Bush: Miers 'shares my philosophy' 10/5/05
Down-and-out Democrats lick their wounds 10/2/05

Judiciary Committee approves Roberts to be next chief justice 9/23/05
Durbin, Obama oppose Roberts 9/23/05
Senate panel gives its OK to Roberts 9/23/05
Both sides criticize Bush's plan for rebuilding Gulf Coast 9/22/05
Feinstein, Roberts spar over abortion, nominee's attitude towards women 9/13/05


JULY 2005
AFL-CIO leader is re-elected
Teamsters and SEIU drop out of AFL-CIO
Leaders reiterate resolve after 'barbaric' acts
Poverty to be focus of G-8 summit; Bush in challenging role

JUNE 2005
Bush says Iraq policies are working
Bush, Blair chart plan to wipe out African debt
Bush says Amnesty's criticism is 'absurd'

MAY 2005
Bush faces uphill battle on CAFTA

APRIL 2005
LaHood says he gave Hastert blunt advice on ethics 
Down in the polls, he defends policies at news conference
Republicans quarrel with Democrats over judgeships
Republicans, Democrats spar over judges
Pro-filibuster camp makes for strange bedfellows
GOP shying away from Bush's Social Security plan
Ongoing debate is certain; effect on law, politics is not

MARCH 2005
IRS commissioner suggests scuttling alternative minimum tax
Bush: Coalition undeterred by Italy's exit plans

Tax aimed at wealthy expanding its reach

Syria 'out of step' in Mideast, Bush says
Bush: Cut domestic programs
Bush's 'lean budget' would cut social programs, boost defense
TV ads on Social Security set to air
Bush reaches out on Social Security

Term 2 begins
Bush offers global vision
Bush says he's eager to pursue 'great goals'
Bush sets lofty domestic agenda

Principi touts record funding for veterans

Obama big hit in D.C.

Summit offers glimpse of second-term diplomatic agenda
Security issues spoil Chile's big dinner plan for Bush
Bush renews support for overhaul of migrant laws
Bush has strong words for N. Korea, Iran
Bush arrives in Chile for APEC summit
Bush outlines his ambitions for next term
Call by Kerry came at 11:02
GOP tightens hold; Daschle loses

48 hours
Clinton joins Kerry; Giuliani is with Bush
Small states play big in run for president

Razor-tight race taking an intense, partisan turn
Campaigns take Kerry, Bush into too-close-to-call territory
Campaign stretch run begins in Nevada for Bush, Kerry

No holds barred
Final leg of election turns into a foot race
Bush, Kerry hit the road, criticize each other after debate
Bush more poised, but substance trumps style
Nader seen as battleground factor
Bush, Kerry turn up rhetoric
Substance trumps style in debate

Upper Midwest Democrats await spark from Kerry
Job losses in Michigan pose difficulties for Bush
Kerry holds small lead in Michigan
Kerry, Bush struggle for every vote in tight Wisconsin race

N.Y. arrival caps day of campaigning

Bush backtracks on assertion that war on terror can't be won
Terror war comment dogs president
Tax cuts at center of domestic agenda
Kerry promises big reduction in U.S. troops in Iraq
Kerry gains some GOP support in Pennsylvania

JULY 2004
Kerry banking on foreign-policy skills
Kerry trek to convention takes him back to Iowa
Kerry pays surprise visit to Fenway Park
Kerry seeks to rally middle class in closely divided Ohio
Kerry, Bush get off to early general election start

Democratic nominee criticizes incumbent for policies, negativity
Powerful speech sets the bar high
Unwavering support on deck
Kerry calls for 9/11 action
An aging lion is stepping aside
Kerry in Florida flays broad range of Bush policies
Assasination of President Kennedy galvanized Kerry's ambition

JUNE 2004
Bipartisan group of Bush critics throws down gauntlet
Bush's skill at mending fences still being tested
Bush, at summit, says NATO not expected to send troops

World leaders back Bush's Mideast plan
Mideast, Iraq top Bush's list at summit
Economic summit begins today
A day to remember
Bush, Chirac report progress on Iraq resolution
Pope gently takes Bush to task over war as thousands protest
Bush agenda to mix earlier, present wars

MAY 2004
Bush outlines Iraq goals
Nader says his candidacy will advance Kerry's cause
U.S. hobbled by inability to fix its global image

APRIL 2004
Experts warn against assault on insurgents
'We'll stay the course'
Rice rejects criticism
Kerry says his plan would attack deficit

MARCH 2004
Kerry, Dean spend day mending fences in show of Democratic unity
Kerry outlines strategy for jobs
Kerry counters GOP punches with new TV ad
Bush calls for global unity against terror
Kerry spars with Cheney on Iraq war
Kerry quick to tackle Bush
Kerry, Edwards remove gloves in fiery debate

Super Tuesday a chance for Edwards to close gap

In Wisconsin, die-hard Dean asks voters for second look
Despite losing streak, Dean has appeal in Wisconsin

Building his credentials
Win in Wisconsin pads Kerry's lead
Kerry wins, but Edwards applies heat
Kerry's lead grows with wins in 2 states
NAFTA is not a driving force in Michigan race

Kerry sails to N.H. win
Democrats scour N.H. for support in 11th hour
Dean and Kerry, in state of conflict, spar again over Iraq war
Kerry suddenly standing out front
Dean rips some Democratic rivals' votes for war in Iraq
An energized Kerry stars in comeback role
Democrats lower volume during final N.H. debate
Gephardt out as Democrats focus on N.H.
Rivals are braking Clark's momentum
Kerry, Edwards gain in Iowa; Clark waits in New Hampshire
Bypassing Iowa pays dividends for Clark
Candidates ratchet up attacks; Moseley Braun reportedly dropping out
NAFTA gets mixed reviews after 10 years

President vows fair trial, says most critical part will be input of Iraqis
Democrats lose critical political point to Bush
Dean bandwagon rolls past debate rivals

Six Democrats join in attacking Bush

Democrats clash over Iraq policy in debate
Democratic rivals gang up on leading candidate, Wesley Clark

Steel tariffs may be factor in 2004 race
Clark jabs Bush over policies at first debate
Debate seen as first major test for Clark

Edwards declares presidential candidacy
9 candidates differ more openly but still united in criticizing Bush

Bush planning to add to 2004 bankroll here

JULY 2003
Davis undaunted by Feinstein backers
President set to visit San Diego in August
Democrats search for anyone who can win

JUNE 2003
Bush is expected to raise at least $5 million in two state stops
Collapse feared for Medicare, Social Security
Bush, Putin set aside differences over Iraq

MAY 2003
Chilly French reception likely when Bush arrives for summit

President honors police slain in the line of duty
Sen. Graham enters Democratic race
Democrats are happy to discuss jobs, not the war

President riding high with the troops

APRIL 2003
Bush to greet troops returning from war

In shift from war, Bush will pitch tax-cutting plan
Forming democracy, rebuilding country among tough tasks

San Diegan among Iraqis who line up behind Bush

MARCH 2003
Bush and Blair vow to enlist help from U.N.
President defends military leaders, meets Blair in Md.

Bush's biggest cost in Iraq expected after shooting stops
'We will accept no outcome but victory,' Bush tells nation
Bush issues ultimatum
Candidates' health draws new interest

Gephardt throws his domestic-issues hat into the ring

Embattled Nixon press secretary dies of heart attack in Coronado
Bush takes gamble on long-term deficits

Bush issues challenge on Medicare drugs
Trusting Iraqi dictator 'not an option,' allies told
Roe v. Wade anniversary, future of court energize abortion debate
Shady lenders bilking the working poor, study concludes

GOP leaders speak out against dividend plan
Bush against U. of Mich. affirmative action
Stimulus package a bit to attract investor class
Democrats contrast their plan to Bush's

With Gore out, others look to jump into '04 race
Gore's departure opens field for key Democrats
Gore won't challenge Bush
White House secrecy stance stirs debate

House leadership choices widen ideological divide
Pelosi becomes favorite to lead House Democrats
Bush says Cheney will stay on ticket if he runs in 2004

Bush sets sights on tax cuts, more jobs
Exultant Republicans ready to push agenda

Mondale's run for Senate official

Death shifts focus in battle for Senate
Sniper causes vast region to alter daily routines 

Bush win on Iraq increases strength
Gephardt lent Bush a helping hand
Hyde finds himself amid controversy again
War could slow the economy, unless U.S. controls the oil
Bipartisan Unity clears way for Iraq resolution

Nation Set To Move On


President granted authority on trade

JULY 2002
Despite warnings, tariffs didn’t start a trade war 
Bear market complicates Bush’s Social Security plan 

JUNE 2002
Bush, Putin seal pact to safeguard Russian weapons

Bush stance on Arafat not backed at summit
Bush in Canada for summit

Behind Bush's change of mind on forming Homeland Security Dept.
Bush's grand plan

MAY 2002
Fast-track foes hurting trade efforts
Unemployment looms as major hurdle for Bush
Health care poised to get political

Talks fail to defuse trade tensions

APRIL 2002
Bush tariff i strain close U.S. ties
Hunter to seek chair of armed services

Bush tries to reclaim free-trade credentials

MARCH 2002
Bush path to Latin free trade has hurdles

Bush pledges help to Peru in fighting terrorism, drugs
Bush, Fox fail to solve immigration issue

Bush wants focus on border
A stop in Mexico to open Bush Latin America trip
Bush proposes new aid for poor nations working for improvement

Cartel crackdown may aid Fox in U.S. talks
Area steel buyers, sellers react to new steel tariffs 
Bush facing decision on steel tariffs 

Spending blueprint calls on nation to embrace red ink

Bush pledges to defeat terrorism, end recession, bolster
homeland defense

Bush voter-approval rate among blacks, women strong
War expense, deficits cloud Bush blueprint for critical year
Tough year at home awaits Bush

Argentina's financial woes may pose problem for Bush

On domestic front, Bush's popularity fails to scare Democrats
Senator upbraids Bush over anti-dumping policy

Bush lobbies lawmakers for fast-track trade authority
Debate heats up over nuclear safeguards

Fast friends Bush, Putin fail to resolve arms issues
Bush urges volunteer efforts by Americans
Bush popularity no help in elections
24-hour public relations offensive is aimed at Taliban propaganda

Quest for normalcy appears elusive

Congress torn between caution, panic
Old agendas to test bipartisanship
Ridge becomes homeland security chief
Bush rallies nation and allies
Fed leads drive to pump up economy

Feds to increase air security role
President freezes flow of terrorists' financing
'Justice will be done'
Bush says nation enduring economic 'tough times'
Bush slams Muslim bias
Bush girds for battle
Bush says focus is 'whipping terrorism'
Government seeks sense of normalcy, but crisis dominates
Bush vows U.S. will punish those behind 'these evil acts'

AUGUST 2001    
Steep drop in federal surpluses projected
Tide running against Bush on expanding free trade

JULY 2001
Bush says U.S. to stay in Balkans
Bush gained much in talks with Putin about missile shield
Bush, Putin forge arms accord
Summit split over Bush's rejection of Kyoto pact
Violence overshadows summit
Blair stands by Bush as criticism mounts
World Bank, trade top Bush agenda in Europe

JUNE 2001
Governor adamant on refund at hearing
State will press generators to refund billions
Worried Republicans urge more price curbs
Republican urges FERC to restrain power rates
Bush braces for EU talks, knocks global warming pact
Energy relief bill mired in dispute over price caps

MAY 2001
Change in Senate could offer state relief
Bush, Davis to meet on California energy crisis
Democrats vow to renew push for energy price caps
Bush stumps for his new energy plan
Bush energy plan has no swift help for state
Bush says tax cuts will help with energy price surges
Veteran journalist Stephen Green dies
Bush pushes his plan for free trade
Bush names Social Security reform panel

APRIL 2001
Bush off to fast start in first 100 days
President Bush faces big post-summit trade test
Hemispheric leaders agree to trade timetable
Leaders seek unity on trade as protests flare    

Trade summit kickoff marred by protests
Trade will top the agenda at Americas summit
Bush vows to push for "fast track" authority

MARCH 2001
Bush softens stance on ANWAR
Bush calls on Arafat to halt violence
Bush and Democrats spar over tax cut
Gun control focus is shifting to states
Feinstein renews calls for gun controls
Cheney hospitalized, has angioplasty

Bush pledges tax relief for every American
Tax cut takes center stage: Battle over how much
Bush cut may benefit wealthy, but not corporations
Bush ships tax cut plan to Congress
Bush vows $1.4 billion pay raise for military
Allies strike Iraq
Bush calls for new weapons systems
Bush vows to improve education while cutting taxes
Bush bucks GOP principles, backs Education Department
Bush pitches tax cut plan in joint address to Congress

Greenspan shocks Democrats with tax cut talk
Feinstein will vote against Ashcroft
Bush to push for education vouchers
George W. Bush: Inaugural analysis
Black judge from Missouri rips Ashcroft 
Ashcroft's confirmation prospects brighten
Ashcroft vows he'll support rule of land
Ashcroft hearings start today
Democrats prepare to target Ashcroft, Norton
Chavez out as Labor Nominee
Boxer takes aim at Ashcroft