September 25, 2006

Boeing's Long Beach C-17 program may last until 2010
New funding OK'd by Congress for 10 more transports is likely to keep plant open longer than expected.

Copley News Service

Congress' unexpected decision to provide funds to buy 10 additional C-17 transports for the Air Force could keep the Long Beach assembly line going into 2010, more than six months beyond the previous shutdown date, a Boeing spokesman said Friday.

"A month ago, we very publicly announced we were notifying our supplier network that they were to stop work on all uncommitted airplanes, those airplanes that did not have firm orders," Boeing representative Rick Sanford said. "The last airplane was to be delivered in the middle of 2009," he said. "While I can't give you a new date, this great news -- will certainly slide that to the right," through the end of 2009 and probably into the next year.