Union Tribune

May 29, 2002

Repaired Osprey to return to the air

PATUXENT RIVER, Md. The Marines are putting the troubled Osprey back in the air today, confident the problems with the airplane have been fixed, said the officer in charge of the program.

Test pilots are scheduled to start a long-awaited series of flights
designed to verify those fixes, Col. Daniel Schultz said.

Regular Marine pilots will not be allowed to fly the MV-22 until the
tests prove the controversial tilt-rotor aircraft is safe, Schultz said.

The flight at the Navy's flight test center will be the first time an Osprey has flown since the aircraft were grounded 17 months ago, after the last of three fatal accidents that have killed 30 men. The deadliest crash, at Marana, Ariz., in April 2001, killed 19 Marines, including 18 from Camp Pendleton.

Copley News Service