Union Tribune

February 25, 2002

Davis accuses Riordan of flip-flops


WASHINGTON Gov. Gray Davis yesterday called Republican
gubernatorial candidate Richard Riordan a "weather vane
politician" who has given contradictory statements on key issues
such as abortion and the death penalty.

"I have no idea of what he stands for," Davis said.

Davis, a Democrat, also predicted he would win re-election in
November by at least 10 percentage points after California
voters become aware of his "positive record of achievement."

In Washington for the National Governors Association annual
meeting, Davis reacted strongly to a report that Riordan said the governor was seeking to undermine the voters' decision to
curtail bilingual education through actions of his Board of
Education appointees.

"I don't believe a thing Riordan says," Davis said.

Davis said Riordan claims he is pro-choice, "but all the money
his personal foundation gave has been to anti-choice

"He's a weather vane politician who changes his position,
occasionally in the same news cycle," the governor said.

Riordan, campaigning in California, could not be reached for