San Diego Union Tribune

October 16, 2004

Survey shows troops, families support Bush


WASHINGTON – The Bush administration's concerted effort to make sure members of the military vote and have their votes counted could pay off as a survey released yesterday showed overwhelming support for the president among service personnel and their families.

The polling by the University of Pennsylvania's Annenberg National Election Survey showed 69 percent of the surveyed military population had a favorable view of Bush, while only 23 percent had a favorable opinion of Sen. John Kerry.

Asked a similar question on whom they trusted more to be commander-in-chief, the service personnel and their family members chose Bush over Kerry 69 percent to 24 percent.

Although Annenberg did not ask whom the military personnel would vote for, the favorable rating for the president closely matched the responses to an e-mail survey by the Army Times publishing company on how service members would vote.

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