San Diego Union Tribune

October 14, 2006

Bush signs bill aimed at port security


WASHINGTON – President Bush yesterday signed a sweeping measure to tighten security at the nation's seaports by using more technology to screen shipping containers, requiring security checks on port workers and improving efforts to monitor U.S.-bound cargo at foreign ports.

The law also provides a guaranteed source of funding for some of the security measures and $400 million a year in grants for counterterrorism efforts, a commitment long sought by the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach.



The Security and Accountability for Every Port Act – or SAFE Port Act – makes the federal government responsible for quickly restoring commerce at any port disrupted by a terrorist act, another step the major ports and their congressional representatives have wanted.

Bush said the bill authorizes the use of “21st century inspection equipment” that can check cargo inside shipping containers without opening them and detect nuclear or radioactive material.

The bipartisan bill passed both the House and Senate nearly unanimously.

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