Otto Kreisher

Army troops are mustered to provide needed relief for Marine expeditionary unit 12/28/06
Nation's aerospace industry enjoys a record profit year 12/14/06
Aerospace industry's sales, profits soar 12/14/06
An emotional day for Pentagon's old soldier 12/9/06

Northrop expects its insight to pay 11/29/06
Iraqi soldiers need to be better used, Hunter says 11/21/06
More Marines from Pendleton sent into Anbar 11/17/06
Museum dedication includes Medal of Honor announcement  11/11/06
Illinois losing clout in D.C.  11/9/06
Election gives Bush, Democrats second chance 11/9/06
Marines, Navy suffer highest combat casualties in two years  11/1/06
Spending on space programs likely to rise 11/1/06
South Bay expected to gain from renewed U.S. space effort 11/1/06

C-17 line needs 12 orders to continue 10/31/06

Active-duty group to press Congress to bring troops home 10/26/06
Veterans shake up races for Congress 10/26/06
Northrop to offer Global Hawk to Navy 10/19/06
Passenger ships more vulnerable to terror attacks 10/17/06
President dedicates Air Force memorial 10/15/06
Bush signs bill aimed at port security 10/14/06

Mansfield Guard role unclear 9/29/06
183rd's new mission still unknown 9/28/06
Air Force likes C-17s, would prefer tankers 9/28/06
Boeing's Long Beach C-17 program may last until 2010 9/25/06
Bill lets Air Force buy 10 more Boeing C-17s 9/23/06
San Diego-based warships to help ward off missile threat 9/24/06
Navy helicopters help catch speedy drug smuggling boats 9/22/06
More U.S. troops not needed in Iraq, commander says 9/20/06
Military trying out crowd-control device 9/15/06
Viillaraigosa, Harman call for passage of ports measure 9/13/06

Navy copters join Coast Guard in nabbing drug runner 8/31/06
Peoria area scores high in gifts to troops 8/28/06
Marines to recall troops on involuntary basis for Iraq, Afghanistan 8/22/06
2 groups of rockets get approved 8/17/06
Mexican cartel's leader is seized off Baja coast 8/17/06
Rep. Issa: U.S. must give aid to Lebanon 8/16/06
Pentagon silent on inquiry into Cunningham contracts

JULY 2006
Marine wins over Senate committee with candid take on problems in Iraq 7/28/06
Navy's UAV contracts could pit San Diego firms against each other 7/26/06
Politics won't have role in FutureGen site selection 7/20/06
National Guard on pace to put 6,000 troops along U.S. border 7/15/06
Hunter cites N. Korean missile launch to push missile-defense system  7/11/06

Domestic security is forgotten, bipartisan task force reports 7/2/06
Bilbray wins assignment to three House committees 7/1/06

JUNE 2006
Task force sees few improvements in domestic security  6/30/06
Ports need recovery plans 6/28/06
Space protection called key to nation's future security 6/22/06
C-17's chances improve in Long Beach 6/12/06
Top-ranked Marine vows accountability in murder allegations 6/8/06

MAY 2006
Reported slayings of civilians bringing top Marine to Iraq 5/26/06
Two S.D. firms could be competing for Navy contract 5/18/06
Guard to play support role, Chertoff says 5/17/06
Illinois representatives respond to immigration proposals 5/16/06
Bush uses a key issue to launch rebound 5/16/06
House panel puts brakes on, moves past Bush's defense plan 5/5/06
April proves to be deadly month for Marines 5/3/06

APRIL 2006
Near-shore war ships to be based in San Diego 4/30/06
C-17 planes to get reprieve? 4/28/06
Some progress seen in still deadly Anbar province 4/15/06
Rep. Hunter's committee to expand search for fishy Cunningham deals 4/15/06
Aircraft developers provide details on Massillon project 4/12/06
Analysts skeptical of local businessman's prototype aircraft 4/12/06

MARCH 2006
House committee added to Cunningham inquiry 3/31/06
Push for extra C-17s resumes 3/30/06
Harman co-authors port protection law 3/16/06
Panel starts examining role of National Guard, reserves 3/7/06
Boeing gets transport order from Australia 3/6/06
Air Force may need more C-17 planes 3/2/06

Third tour 2/28/06
Nuclear sub force to nearly double 2/28/06
New Marine unit will be a part of U.S. Special Operations Command 2/25/06
Former comrades angered by 'bribe menu' 2/22/06
Carrier strike groups join focus on western Pacific 2/15/06
Plan may mean 1,000 fewer state guardsmen 2/9/06
Bush budget blueprint adds muscle to military 2/7/06
Federal budget for California steers funds to border enforcement, military projects 2/7/06
Madigan speaks out on cell privacy 2/2/06

Report restates strains on military 1/26/06
Boeing gambles on the C-17 1/31/06
U.S. ground units seen stretched to breaking point 1/26/06

Panel faulted over Cunningham probe 12/16/05
Marines focus on replacing amphibious troop carrier 12/15/05
Cunningham case brings new look at pensions 12/15/05
Navy's new command distances it more from Cold War

Long Beach officials 'optimistic' on more C-17 production 11/30/05
BRAC quietly makes base closure conclusions official 11/9/05

On new tour, Marines to get big boost from Iraqi battalions 11/3/05
Marine Corps will create special-operations unit 11/2/05

Congress refuses to stop base closings 10/28/05
Northrop Grumman, Boeing reveal Apollo look-alike 10/13/05
Marine takes helm of Joint Chiefs 10/1/05
Pace is first Marine to head Joint Chiefs 10/1/05

Tilt-rotor Osprey is finally cleared for production 9/29/05
LaHood battles to save Illinois Guard unit 9/21/05
Bush signs off on base closures 9/16/05
Closure of bases gets OK by Bush 9/16/05
Pentagon delay is threat to Boeing's C-17 transport 9/15/05
BRAC sends its proposals to president 9/12/05
Base closure commission sends final recommendations to Bush 9/10/05
Air Force to add unmanned aircraft 9/8/05

183rd losing its jets 8/27/05
General: Marines may be in Iraq 3 more years 8/20/05
Air Guard dispute dismays panel
Armed services fall just short of recruiting goals

JULY 2005
Marines planning role as mentors in Iraq
Air Guard cuts questioned

Officer: Court must end BRAC flap
Base closure panel asks why S.D. sites aren't being eyed

JUNE 2005
Opinion on Guard bases sought
Hunter sets hearing on detainees
President hoped to clarify policy, avoid confusion
Senators seek hearing on Air National Guard cuts

Critics blast Durbin for remarks
Guantanamo critics are invited to go see conditions firsthand
Marine combat deaths in Iraq reach 503
Hunter says menus from Guantanamo a proof of good care

Marines, Navy, Air Force hit recruit goals

Comment about closing MCRD has S.D. lawmakers up in arms
Tilt-rotor Ospreys face crucial test at sea after rigorous land trials

Marine combat toll spiked in May

MAY 2005
President defends plan to close U.S. military sites
Top Marine says '05 recruiting goals doable, worries about '06
New C-130 still taking figurative heavy flak

Effort to restrict new combat for women falters
House expects fierce debates on base closings, women in combat
House panel votes to restrict jobs for women in military

Hunter plan bars women from Army 'forward support'
Brac panel voices concern about Guard and Reserve cuts
City to lose F-16s

New site in Akron to serve reservists
House Armed Services panel criticizes military
Guard, returning troops are issues
Base-closing committee starts meeting this week

Base-closure panel to get first briefings

APRIL 2005
Pentagon: No veto on Guard bases
Marines' Pace named to head the Joint Chiefs
Final Air Force base push is made

Hamel nominated to head space center
U.S. has some success countering bombs
Former POWs tortured in Iraq battle U.S. to collect awards
Marines begin testing troubled Ospreys

MARCH 2005
Bush names base closing members
Veteran appeals for benefits for 'warriors'
Base closure panel nominees selected
Former VA secretary nominated to head base closure commission

Admiral tapped to be Navy's next top officer

Shrinking Navy fleet concerns lawmakers
'New' Rumsfeld tries to assuage fears in Europe

Security units must shoulder their burden, Rumsfeld says
Bush: Cut domestic programs
Bush's 'lean budget' would cut social programs, boost defense

The Marines' heavy lift workhorse
Contract awarded for No. 1 helicopter

Principi touts record funding for veterans

Aerospace industry posts big gains in '04
Intel bill OK now, top general says
Marines pay a bloody price in 'taking the fight to the enemy'

Round 5 may mean more base closures
Smithsonian looks at war's human toll in 'Price of Freedom
Fewer military vets among ranks of new members of Congress
Lifelong goal eludes Kerry

Mortality rates drop from past to present
48 hours
Number of Navy's warships causes concern
Military backs handling of war
Survey shows troops, families support Bush
Congress approves extra $81.5 million for California bases
Provision delaying base closure process removed from defense bill
General withdraws Pacific Command bid
Bush, Kerry turn up rhetoric

Missouri reflects national standings

The Keystone State
Kerry rips Bush's war management in speech to vets

Bush touts record on security
Bush says he opposes college 'legacy' admissions
McCain assails attacks on Kerry wartime record

JULY 2004
Vietnam protests put Kerry in early spotlight
Former Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman endorses Kerry for president
Bush, Kerry court the military's vote
Former comrade takes flak for Kerry

Kerry selects Edwards
Rep. Hunter targets side deals in defense sales

JUNE 2004
Port security to see 'significant changes'
Army to call up former soldiers
Bipartisan group of Bush critics throws down gauntlet
Ports warn security funds needed

Newly merged firm changes name
Bush: Mideast democracy key to terror war

MAY 2004
3 local WWII vets among those at memorial dedication
A national salute
Carrier Reagan sails for S.D. home
A call to focus on 'good soldiers'
Extended Iraq duty for Marines considered
Scientists doubt missile shield's ability to work
House panel would put base closings on hold

Closing of bases opposed
Hunter seeks boost in troop strength
DC trip gathers backing for AFB
U.S. plans to maintain level of troops in Iraq
Marine, sailor deaths since March more than in war's first 6 months

APRIL 2004
Marines slated to get new unmanned planes
Harman offers new plan against terrorism

Experts warn against assault on insurgents
Military bid for environmental relief is debated
Analysts: Mistakes have hurt U.S. effort
Experts see a moment of truth
Progress on Osprey revealed

MARCH 2004
Navy Sea Swap test leaves ship 'in really good shape'
Base closure report poses threat to Guard, Reserve stations

Pentagon report targets Ohio bases for closure
Navy sails into untested waters
Secretary of the Navy may fold the Marines into his official title
Competition for presidential helicopter has European flavor
San Diegans want a new Navy ship named after city
Army, Marines await updates of combat rifles

More money sought for aerospace research
Navy official denies smaller fleet and fewer sailors means cutting Navy
Building his credentials
Marines send advance troops to Iraq for on-the-spot lessons
Bush budget holds promise for California – and boost for governor

Primary sneaks up on voters in Missouri

Candidates battle for support of black voters
Dean ousts top aide in major staff shake-up
Democrats launch 7-state reality check

Kerry sails to N.H. win
N.H. freeze no match for San Diegans supporting Gen. Clark

Democrats scour N.H. for support in 11th hour
Kerry, Edwards gain in Iowa; Clark waits in New Hampshire
N.H. race is all uphill for Lieberman

Pentagon tells how it will decide
Shrine to U.S. success in air, space lands in Virginia

Osprey aircraft logs 1,000 accident-free hours since deaths

Hunter pushing measure to boost U.S. toolmakers
Senators decry quality, supply of protective gear for troops

Proposals sought for airliner-protection systems
Durbin questions if copter properly equipped
Military construction bill allocates millions to San Diego region
Library accelerates veterans project
Veterans benefits get help in House
Going back to Iraq
Bush policy called bad for war on terror

Air Force weighs closing reserve, guard bases
Base closure doesn't always spell doom for affected area
Base-closing threats have lobbyists afoot
Northrop, Sikorsky link in bid for Army contract
Rep. Davis backs Bush's Iraq funding request

Raytheon gathers team for NATO bid
Marines to come home soon, but might have to go back

Squadron formed to test Osprey for combat readiness
Marines to be issued lighter, more comfortable helmets soon
Marine leader tells of working with Iraqis

JULY 2003
'Man this ship and bring her to life'

JUNE 2003
Air Force may buy Boeing planes
Three years after deadly accidents, Osprey is fixed, Marines say
U.S. troops face evolving, growing challenge in Iraq
Venerable carrier managed to save the best for last

MAY 2003
Panel moves to cut base closures in '05

Northrop, Raytheon, Boeing in aircraft deal with Air Force
Bush continues seagoing tradition

APRIL 2003
NATO looking to reduce, relocate U.S. troops in Europe

Bush to greet troops returning from war
Commander hopes some Marines can head home
Squadron strives to live up to its past

Air combat even more complex now
Central Illinois native is Tomcat pilot in the war
Hawkeye tells planes where to bomb
Local sailors help keep Constellation on mission
Tomcats answer the call, drop down for low-level strafing run
Overboard rescues 'fortunate'
Local stars aboard USS Constellation
Machinists keep things humming on aircraft carrier

MARCH 2003
Jackson Twp. native aids fighters in flight
Constellation commander, crew confident mission is on target
Strike craft don't go near capital without protection from Prowler
Messages make powerful reminders
Fighter pilots fly on in face of violent storms
North Island's 'Red Griffins' destroy 'significant naval target'
Connie's air wing now targets Iraqi troops

Unheralded copter pilots on carrier play key role
Around-the-clock air raids continue
Heading to war from carrier
S.D.-based cruiser fired some of first shots
South Bay sailors face war’s risks
Bombing starts in war of words
War would be swift and lethal, officer says

Feinstein criticizes Bush's military policies, rejection of treaties
New small Navy ships debated
NASSCO's Navy ships might be cut by one

Deficit-heavy plan arrives
Navy trimming its fleet despite specter of war

Panel confirms Agent Orange-leukemia link

20,000 more troops called up
Gen. Hagee takes charge of the Corps' battle flag
75,000 Marines might be needed in Persian Gulf

Ex-President Bush to get his name on supercarrier
Military continues research into use of nonlethal weaponry

Aerospace panel lists 9 ideas to lift industry
VA chief says backlog of claims shrinking
Commandant sees the Corps standing tall at home, abroad
Ohio flies high in aviation 
Exultant Republicans ready to push agenda

Critical testing is scheduled for troubled Osprey aircraft

Pendleton team faces longer stay in Gulf
Task force ordered to gulf
Iraq needs complete housecleaning, U.S. arms official says
House passes $355 billion bill for defense

Top Marine generals' nominations approved
Tilt-rotor Osprey saved, officials say
Air Guard leaders under scrutiny 
Nation Set To Move On
Two F-16 pilots could face military criminal trials
Pentagon, whole again, salutes heroes

Osprey program moving toward more dangerous testing
Pentagon official has 'some real problems' with Osprey's design
Marines set sights on new basic rifle
Lack of aid leaves Bush short in plans for Iraq

JULY 2002
Top Marine slated to head NATO forces
Pilots not the only focus of probe 
2nd pilotless spy plane crashes in Afghanistan
Military branches say they need more people

JUNE 2002
U.S., Canada agree on blame 
Defense secretary merges 2 of nation's combat commands
Boeing unit wins $2 billion U.S. pact
Coast Guard to spend $17 billion to bring force into 21st century

MAY 2002
Military to scale back anthrax vaccinations

Repaired Osprey to return to the air
GOP backs Hunter for key House committee
House panel is told environmental curbs hurt military
Canadian board requests interview with pilot 
Guard official: 183rd trained with equipment 
Shift to El Toro still 'possibility'
Bush awards posthumous Navy Cross to county native
Marines get OK to resume Osprey tests
Think tank critical of White House security strategy

APRIL 2002
Rumsfeld, Russian counterpart see arms talks strides
Rumsfeld pledges aid in building Afghan army
Rumsfeld visits troops in Kyrgyzstan
Canada probes bombing by Springfield-based jet 

Guard pilots defended as able 
Bombing accident to be probed 

County gives blessing to El Toro park plan
Rumsfeld says he won't lie, but will limit war information
War on terror at difficult stage

MARCH 2002
Reforms promised in use of government credit cards
Rumsfeld may have sunk NASA nomination
Pentagon credit card abuse still reported

Latin leaders feeling slighted as U.S. turns focus to war on terror

Davis accuses Riordan of flip-flops
Pentagon says disinformation is for enemies, not public or media

Northrop Grumman seeks Fire Scout funding
Weapons proposals should aid San Diego
Defense plan sends Navy into some rough budgetary seas
Bush puts budget on war footing
Arms spending reform debated

Feinstein: Guantanamo better than state jails
Bush to seek $48 billion boost in defense funds
U.S. troops revisit old Philippines struggle
Marine Corps fashion has become quite pixilated
U.S. urged to quit its Saudi bases
Navy's top admiral submits plan for sustaining, improving service
Unmanned spy plane crashes after duty

Delay, hurdles part of military base-closing bill
Osprey program gets guarded clearance to resume test flights
Region's economy due big boost from defense appropriations bill
Drop in aerospace sales forecast for '02
U.S. not lacking ordnance for Afghanistan
Survey links Lou Gehrig's disease, Gulf War service
Fiscal watchdog assured NASA job
Coast Guard commandant says resources strained
'Friendly fire' still a killer despite weapons advances
Congresswoman says Ridge 'is failing' on homeland security

Navy lifeline helps Americans get season's greetings to the troops
Marines renew campaign to get Osprey into service
Navy may mothball entire Spruance class of destroyers
Relief agents stress peacekeeping need
Navy ready to double number of reservists on active duty

Carrier Stennis, group to head for war
3 S.D.-based ships sent from war zone to guard trade talks
Terrorist attacks force VA to refocus on homeland role
Threats reveal a need for safe harbor
2 new planes to help find bombing targets on Afghanistan front
Use of cluster bombs has Pentagon on the defensive

Carrier Reagan to call S.D. home

Officials scramble in taking new posts
U.S. crews now alert to any errant airliners

Navy's master-at-arms security force to be expanded
111,000 sailors serving at sea get salary boost
U.S. copters not as vulnerable as Soviet craft in Afghanistan

U.S. needs more bombers, experts say
U.S. media struggle with information restrictions
NATO aircraft to patrol skies over America

U.S. needs air bases closer to targets, experts say
Feedback on strikes takes time

War starts with air attacks
Marine Corps assembles anti-terrorism unit
Strategy review stresses homeland defense  
'99 law on pay could be costly in terror war
Navy to keep personnel in key jobs from leaving duty
Experts say Marine Corps, Navy roles may be limited
How much help Taliban foes can offer is unclear
Experts say this is not like Vietnam
Rumsfeld: U.S. to hit terrorists' backers
Special forces could play key role in 'new kind of war'
3 Marine officers guilty of falsifying reports on Osprey
190 dead at Pentagon
Pentagon, capital struggle to cope
Ravaged pentagon still 'in business'
Missile defense divides parties
Marines fast-track Mercedes purchase

Air Force general likely top choice to head military
Base-closing talk worries Californians
Marine general, 7 officers face Osprey-related hearing
No change by Bush seen for coed military recruit training
Military's proposed cuts may hit home

JULY 2001
Effort to remake military erodes into war over turf
Local probe questions use of U.S. credit cards
Marines set for a change of 'cammies'
Clash over B-1B bomber fleet blunts prospects for reform
Osprey squadron chief may face trial
Pentagon may sink high-tech destroyer

JUNE 2001
Lawmakers blast defense plans
Defense budget long on people but short on new weaponry
Cheney's canceling of A-12 jet pact may be costly lesson
Navy's recruitment, retention on upswing
Air Force general wants more Long Beach-built C-17s
Bush's plan to leave Vieques questioned
Pentagon morale study backs better pay, housing
New Navy secretary putting combat readiness, people first
Bush seeks extra $5.6 billion for military

MAY 2001
Annapolis grads hear Bush call for risk-taking
Latest attempt to keep Osprey alive has its doubters
Marines seem to have winner in new ground attack vehicle
Rumsfeld is coy on weapons in space
New Command to get armed forces to fight as one
Lack of punishment defended in Cole attack, sub collision
Criticism muted at congressional Osprey hearing

 APRIL 2001
Nyland named to take over Marine air programs
U.S. Navy may object to sale of subs to Taiwan
Panel seeks to disarm export restrictions on high-tech gear
SD-made pilotless plane crosses Pacific
Osprey's deadly past involved fatal trade-offs
Osprey gets a guarded reprieve
San Diego in battle to homeport USS Reagan
U.S. ambassador in China seen as prepared for job

MARCH 2001
Military bases caught in environmental squeeze
House approves funds for mariners memorial in San Pedro
Navy uses training simulators to cut accidents
San Diego division gets contract for Hawk drone  
Widows of Osprey fliers want their husbands cleared
Osprey takes a troubled record into crucial hearings 
Aerospace execs push for easier export rules
Bush backs another round of base closings
Osprey investigators seize computers of two generals 
Aircraft Carrier Ronald Reagan is christened by wife

Terrorism task force recommends "homeland defense"
Osprey controversy growing for Marines
Osprey can't land safely if engines fail, critics say
U.S. satellite firms vexed by export laws 
F-22's fate is up in the air
San Diego schools boss endorses essence of Bush plan
Bush's defense plan displeases military
Bush vows $1.4 billion pay raise for military
Bush calls for new-era weaponry
More frequent inspections of helicopters ordered
Another military pay raise expected 
Allies strike Iraq
General who misled press on Osprey up for promotion
Industry study urges Pentagon to outsource more
Plans to increase bomb training along coast draws flak

January 2001
Davis and Issa take seats in Congress
Californian Thomas gets Ways and Means chairmanship
Clinton OKs stack of pardons before leaving office
Marines turn over Osprey probe to Pentagon
Marines culture may figure in Osprey problems