Paul Krawzak

Trucking plan foes weighing options 1/6/08

NASA: DuPont Aerospace must return engines 12/21/07
ITC plans to review claim from Broadcom 21/21/07
Pentagon told it can avoid furloughs  12/13/07
Qualcomm loses patent decision to Nokia 12/13/07
Cross-border truck program hits a pothole 12/19/07
Civilian workers facing furloughs, top Marine says 12/6/07
NASA criticized for decision on aircraft 12/1/07

Military's new plan: educating spouses 11/15/07
Provision cutting cross-border trucking is kept 11/9/07
Filner supports bill to end use of private security firms in Iraq 11/8/07
Tracking contention 11/6/07

Officials promote binational trucking 10/18/07
Judge advises dropping probe of Qualcomm  10/20/07
Contractor has steady support at its N.C. base 10/6/07

Qualcomm gets hitched up 9/28/07
Wounded service members get special receptions at Pentagon 9/21/07
Mexican trucking firms best U.S. peers on safety, feds say 9/19/07
For now, ban lifted on chips in phones 9/13/07
Senate passes trucking measure 9/12/07
Mexican trucking firm 'ready to go to work' 9/11/07
Teamsters continue battle against truck initiative 9/6/07
Mexican trucks get green light to cross over 9/7/07
Court rejects union's appeal of truck plan 9/1/07

Allowing Mexican trucks delayed  8/31/07
Lawsuit targets Mexican truckers 8/30/07
Heavily criticized plane is defunded 8/23/07
Long-haul Mexican truck program needs work 8/22/07
Agency backs opening border to long-haul Mexican trucks 8/18/07
Bush administration upholds ban on phones with Qualcomm chips 8/7/07

JULY 2007
House ban on Mexican trucks irks federal agency 7/26/07
Pentagon says it doesn't need new mental health funds 7/13/07
Opposition to Mexican trucks on U.S. roads still strong 7/7/07

JUNE 2007
Combat stress has Marines' attention 6/19/07
Mexican truck plan's critics denounce feds 6/21/07
Panel urges military mental health services overhaul 6/16/07
Hunter defends support for jet 6/13/07
Auditor issue stirs 1st SAIC stockholders' meeting 6/9/07
Qualcomm punished with phone import ban 6/8/07

MAY 2007
Bill could postpone Mexican truck plan 5/26/07
Feinstein objects to plan to move command east 5/26/07
Qualcomm awaits sanctions in infringement case 5/25/07
Mexican trucking plan faces roadblock 5/16/07
Study: VA must update how it handles PTSD 5/9/07
Military concerned about troops' responses in ethics survey 5/5/07
Mexico OKs July entry for long-haul U.S. trucks 5/3/07

APRIL 2007
Mexican truckers program postponed 4/30/07
Mexican truckers' free travel put on hold 4/27/07
Union sues to block Mexican trucks' free travel 4/25/07
Administration poised to open border to trucks 4/22/07
National science contest pays off for student, 18  4/17/07
Support services to expand for sick and injured Marines 4/5/07

MARCH 2007
Guantanamo detainees unlikely to be transferred, officials say 3/31/07
Bill could delay lifting of ban on Mexican truck travel 3/30/07
Verizon, Sprint Nextel oppose ban on imports, fear financial losses 3/23/07
Battle over patent 3/22/07
States could opt out of 'No Child' Bill facing an uphill battle 3/16/07
Regula losing clout? 3/16/07
Following federal money trail a snap 3/15/07
THOMAS tool can help track Congress 3/12/07
Lioi confirmed as federal judge 3/9/07
Union bill passed despite no vote from Regula 3/3/07
Ohio Guard more ready than many other units 3/3/07
Panel: National Guard on verge of collapse 3/1/07
High court hears faith-based case 3/1/07

Faith-based court case has wider implications 2/22/07
Ex-Ney aide pleads in bribery scheme 2/27/07
Ohio National Guard expecting to send more troops to Iraq 2/27/07
Senate is next stop for Iraq resolution 2/17/07
At odds over troop surge 2/16/07
Dems may try to cut off funds for troop surge 2/15/07
Lioi nomination heads to full Senate 2/14/07
Regula opponent withdraws from race 2/14/07
Ney must report to minimum-security prison by March 1 2/9/07
Longer day, more learning for students? 2/8/07
Space seeks money for Appalachia - Dover Democrat adds energy grants to legislation 2/8/07
Regula backs Romney's bid for president 2/7/07
Budget’s influence on Stark 2/6/07
Dem 'earmark' ban halts Regula projects 2/4/07
Ney's wife remained on payroll - Convicted lawmaker may be on way to jail 2/1/07

Area residents join anti-war protesters in Washington 1/28/07
Ney to be sentenced today 1/19/07
Voinovich to oppose surge in soldiers going to Iraq 1/23/07
'A significant and serious abuse of the public trust' - Former congressman Ney gets 30 months in prison 1/20/07
Space, Regula districts to get federal technology money  1/18/07
Voinovich introducing plan to increase health insurance1/17/07
Voinovich pushes health-care bill that would rely on states 1/18/07
Marine could face prison in theft case 1/17/07
Regula approved to lead panel 1/13/07
House could lift ban on drug negotiations 1/12/07
Ohio’s Space pushes stem cells in House 1/12/07
Regula, Space disagree on Bush's new plan for Iraq 1/11/07
Regula set to get new, less powerful financial post 1/11/07
Zack Space on House Agriculture Committee 1/10/07
Bush renominates Lioi 1/10/07
Congressman Space takes lead on ethics changes   1/5/07
Regula still wants to join D.C. to Maryland 1/3/07

Partisan squabble keeps Lioi waiting for confirmation 12/10/07
Students should lock in college loans early 12/23/06
Dems plan to cut student loan cost 12/23/06
Cleaner Stark air may help attract industry to area 12/20/06
Democrats claim Regula vulnerable 12/17/06
Space chosen for transportation committee post 12/14/06
Marine Pvt. Heath D. Warner buried at Arlington 12/13/06
Partisan squabble keeps Lioi waiting for confirmation 12/10/06
Ryan could join Regula on appropriations committee 12/6/06
Space faces tougher road than hero JFK  12/3/06

LaHood defends decision to probe leak 11/21/06
Former Chicago officer Terrance Gainer named top cop in U.S. Senate 11/16/06
Regula open to drug negotiation, wants seniors to have choice 11/16/06
Regula, Pelosi keep friendship 11/17/06
Brown to seek common ground 11/9/06
Dem wins shift state's power 11/9/06
Brown first Ohio Dem senator since Glenn 11/8/06
Padgett, Space campaign in race to replace Ney 11/5/06
U.S. Senate candidates hunt for supporters 11/5/06
Padgett loses support as poll favors Space 11/2/06
Many differences separate Rep. Regula, novice foe 11/1/06

DeWine, Brown square off in high-profile race for Senate 10/30/06
Many differences separate Rep. Regula, novice foe 10/30/06

Race for 18th district has national implications 10/30/06
Voter ID check at polls will be key change 10/29/06
Experts debate Ohio election outcome 10/29/06
Space sees need for change; Padgett stresses experience 10/29/06
Feds take control of Republic Storage pensions 10/24/06
LaHood letter fuels partisan dispute 10/21/06
Who gets special-interest money? 10/19/06
Report: Durbin rakes in cash  10/19/06
State voters could decide the new look of Congress 10/15/06
 Ney says he’ll resign: Lawmaker pleads guilty to corruption 10/14/06
Ney will collect $29,000 pension 10/14/06
Poll shows Space ahead of Padgett 10/5/06
Regula, Strickland weigh in on scandal 10/4/06
DeWine, Brown debate on Iraq, own records 10/2/06

Lioi nomination gets key OK 9/27/06
Orrville power plant chosen for federal clean-coal project 9/26/06
Regula: Ney should ask constituents what to do 9/21/06
Regula teams up with Mary Tyler Moore, others to help start health-care magazine 9/21/06
Embattled representative steps down from two committee posts Monday 9/19/06
Ney’s future in Congress uncertain 9/16/06
 Ney pleads guilty: Lawmaker admits to charges, enters rehab 9/16/06
 Reports say Ney to plead guilty 9/15/06
Abortion bill meets resistance 9/15/06
Earmark reform ‘unfair,’ Regula says 9/15/06
Democrats kill bill to limit tribal casinos 9/14/06
House rejects limits on off-reservation casinos 9/14/06
Officials see improvement but worry about funds 9/11/06
Disagreements over Patriot Act are broad 9/11/06
Stark County gets $5.7 million to fight terror 9/11/06
Glowing reviews for Judge Lioi at Senate nomination hearing 9/7/06
Casino proposal faces roadblock 9/1/06

Union Metal talk lures Lavin back home 8/13/06
On his way out, GOP leaders praise Ney – Democrats trying to discredit Padgett 8/8/06
Ney loss would cost some clout for his district 8/8/06
Ney drops out, won’t seek reelection but plans to complete his term 8/8/06
Ney influenced voting, housing during tenure 8/8/06
Durbin in forefront of fight to stop estate tax cut 8/2/06
Voinovich vote jeopardizes hike in minimum wage 8/2/06
Ney report shows no money raised for legal defense fund 8/1/06

JULY 2006
LaHood plans trip to Mideast  7/29/06
Bill to block casinos advances 7/27/06
 Illinois a winner in FutureGen competition 7/26/06
FutureGen won’t be built in Ohio 7/26/06
Durbin, Obama want ruling on state's use of wind farms  7/26/06
Timken as diplomat earns praise 7/24/06
Timken gets back to roots 7/24/06
Sue Timken plays a vital role 7/23/06
Timken made his mark in business 7/23/06
Timken relishes ambassador role 7/23/06
Ney's poll shows tight race 7/13/06

JUNE 2006
Mary Regula not faulted in library duties 6/29/06
Key aides leaving Ney’s staff 6/30/06
How to prove you’re eligible  6/28/06
Ohio delaying start of citizenship proof requirement for Medicaid 6/28/06
Ney denied helping tribe 6/23/06
Problems alleged at First Ladies site 6/20/06
Safavian convicted – Ney aide discounts jury's guilty verdicts 6/21/06
Health care for children in U.S. spotlight 6/15/06
Regula, Ney disclose data about travel and finances 6/15/06
Regula funnels millions into Stark projects 6/14/06
Spending bills include millions for local projects 6/14/06

Lawyers make their final pitch to Safavian jury 6/13/06
Timken denies lobbying for repeal of estate tax 6/9/06
Bill would send more money to Stark 6/8/06
Safavian denies wrongdoing in dealings with lobbyist Abramoff 6/6/06
Rep. Ney golf junket: Scotch, castle, cigars 6/5/06
Safavian takes stand in corruption trial 6/3/06
Ties with Abramoff not explained, claims Senate investigator 6/2/06
Voinovich blocks estate-tax repeal 6/9/06

MAY 2006
Golf trip a reward for lobby ‘champ’ 5/31/06
Former Ney aide might use Fifth Amendment 5/26/06
Ney’s junket included luxuries 5/27/06
HOF boss testifies as corruption trial opens 5/25/06
Ethics panel finally opens Ney probe 5/18/06

Regula reveals local grants 5/18/06
Regula’s clout soars, Ney’s power fades in lawmaker report 5/17/06
Ohio lawmakers differ over treatment of illegal immigrants 5/16/06
Regula backs hearings on phone call data 5/13/06

Area lawmakers mixed in reaction to NSA program 5/12/06
Colleagues cheer Ney - Congressman denies allegations, gains support 5/11/06
12 in running for FutureGen - Tuscarawas County one of two sites being considered - along with Meigs County 5/10/06
Regula leaning toward new policy for the Smithsonian 5/9/06
Attorney: 'They're just making it up' 5/9/06
Former Ney aide cops guilty plea - Volz implicates Ohio lawmaker 5/9/06
Voinovich: Senate should eye tax hike 5/6/06
Analysts say Ney's primary performance shows weakness 5/4/06
Narrow Regula victory raises a few eyebrows 5/4/06
Ney and Regula leaning toward support of lobby reform bill 5/2/06

APRIL 2006
Shawnee face hurdles in casino bid 4/29/06
Ney denies extension for charges 4/29/06
DeWine, Brown likely to tangle for Senate 4/24/06
Ney, Regula amass big campaign funds 4/22/06
Aircraft developers provide details on Massillon project 4/12/06
Analysts skeptical of local businessman's prototype aircraft 4/12/06

Regula studies Smithsonian policy on access to archives 4/12/06
Regula defends projects on list of federal ‘pork’ 4/12/06
Regula remains optimistic over GOP’s chances 4/12/06
Ohio lawmakers at odds on immigration plans 4/6/06
Ex-DeLay aide pleads guilty 4/1/06

MARCH 2006
Locals pursue federal dollars in D.C. 3/31/06
Stark nurse makes pitch for more heart-research funding 3/30/06
Regula says clinic could lose funding 3/28/06
Ohio to get $59 million more for heating assistance 3/24/06
Lawmakers ask: Where do we go from here? 3/19/06
Great Lakes future at issue 3/17/06
Regula accepts funding requests through Web site 3/3/06
Supreme Court hears arguments over tax incentives for Ohio plant 3/2/06

Educational reform: Ohio gets ‘A’ for effort 2/23/06
Ex-congressman’s ‘bribe menu’ outrages Ohioans 2/22/06
Former comrades angered by 'bribe menu' 2/22/06
Regula looks for higher spending than Bush proposed 2/15/06
City levee left out of budget 2/7/06
Ohio should benefit from Boehner victory 2/3/06
Regula recalls special bond formed in working with Mrs. King 2/1/06

Ney earned bipartisan respect as GOP soldier 1/29/06
Rep. Ney determined to fight for re-election 1/26/06
Ney plans to seek re-election, still has GOP support 1/17/06
Ney gives up committee job 1/16/06
House GOP pushes Ney to quit post 1/14/06
In wake of scandal, Ney keeps post - for time being 1/10/06

Ney, Ohio lawmakers support Boehner bid 1/10/06
Abramoff plea raises questions about ex-Ney aide 1/6/06
No thanks, Jack - State lawmakers get rid of money from Abramoff 1/1/06
Abramoff plea puts pressure on Ney 1/4/2006

Church gets grant to build rec center 12/24/2005
Ney optimistic after visit to Iraq 12/24/2005

Stark companies get millions in defense bill 12/23/2005
DeWine breaks with GOP, votes against cuts 12/22/05
Congress looks to end tariffs serving Timken 12/22/05
Congressman heads to Iraq 12/21/05
At least 100 in Ohio at risk of infection by tainted donor tissue 12/17/05

Regula gets House to OK spending bill 12/15/05
Liberals of faith speak up 12/13/05

Ney under the gun - Statement: 'Representative No. 1' traded favor for votes 11/22/05
Spending bill to trim $50B 11/19/05
Area lawmakers back prohibition of torture 11/19/05
Regula’s bill fails 11/18/05
No new landfills, legislation promises 11/9/05
Regula axes local funding 11/15/05
Congressional bill would fund flood study, other Stark projects 11/10/05
Ohio officials prep for flu 11/5/05
Feds subpoena records from Ohio Congressman Ney 11/5/05
Voinovich, Dewine split on budget bill 11/4/05

Miers’ exit disturbs DeWine, Voinovich 10/28/05
Massillon girl likes staying after school 10/21/05
Ney denies link in award - Lawmaker: No ties between contract, lobbyist 10/20/05
Lavin deals with trade complaints during Senate confirmation hearing 10/19/05
Regula to seek 18th term on Congress 10/15/05
Regula wants 18th term 10/15/05
Elusive group targets Regula, other Republicans 10/5/05
Ex-Timken exec Perry quits GSA post, will return to Canton 10/4/05
Rumor: Perry will step down from federal agency 10/2/05

Doctors to lawmakers: Help! 9/28/05
Senate committee OKs Lavin 9/30/05
Agency: Law aids Timken at others’ expense 9/27/05
Bush appoints Timothy Smucker to export council 9/24/05
Sen. DeWine votes in majority 9/23/05
Don’t miss Medicare enrollment deadlines 9/18/05

Area troops recoil at Superdome experience 9/12/05
Patrolling New Orleans 9/10/05

Stark Guardsmen search flooded New Orleans streets 9/12/05
Redpath aiding rescues 9/9/05

Action at last 9/8/05
Binding up a region’s wounds 9/7/05
'God is good' 9/5/05
Headway in Mississippi 9/6/05
Stark volunteers for Red Cross oversee storm relief 9/4/05
Stark-area troops helping in Mississippi 9/6/05
Gillespie native hurries clothing to victims in Biloxi 9/5/05

Deadline looms for Medicare drug plan
Task force for education reform cites need for year-round school
Senators want to keep Indian casinos out
Ney’s office reveals who went on trip to Scotland

GOP donors face charges in casino deal
W.R. Timken Jr. preparing for post as ambassador

Watchdog group claims local refinery poses terror hazard
Bolton’s appointment disappoints Voinovich

JULY 2005
Senate OKs Timken as ambassador to Germany
Canton native nominated for Commerce post
Bill gives billions to Ohio roads

Highway bill to provide Ohio with $7.5 billion
$1.2 million earmarked for Tremont

Ney says he’ll vote against CAFTA
House narrowly OKs free-trade agreement
W.R. ‘Tim’ Timken a step closer to being diplomat in Germany
Ryan, Brown consider challenging DeWine for his senate seat
Stockdale buried at Annapolis

Durbin: Roberts should face questions squarely
Durbin to press for answers on abortion
Ohio senators weigh in on Roberts nomination
Timken chairman to be Bush pick for ambassador to Germany

Mayors return from D.C. with new insight on aid --
Canton-native Lavin resigning Singapore post
Regula spending bill helps, hinders agencies in Stark

Agents raid Cunningham home, MZM office, yacht
DeWine, Voinovich vote for free-trade pact

JUNE 2005
House gives $100M to broadcasting
Waynesburg girl attends congressional hearing on diabetes
Diesel emissions passes Senate

Durbin apologizes

Voinovich deserts GOP on Bolton
Regula, Ney at odds on Patriot Act vote

Committee restores $400 million for public broadcasting
Group runs ads against Ney
Regula, Ney minimize privately financed trips

DeWine’s assets increase in value, but Voinovich’s decrease
Regula warns PBS stations not to count on federal funds

MAY 2005
Regula, Ney taking trade-related holiday trips
Alliance company lands federal cash

Dems oppose barring women from combat
Regula fully behind stem-cell research
Ohio senator plays key role in agreement

New site in Akron to serve reservists
Judge: Regula cannot block landfill

Bush appoints Longaberger to lead council
Strickland confirms run for governor
CAFTA could have modest impact in Ohio

Timken may be next ambassador to Germany

Regula wins top award from Friends of Libraries

APRIL 2005
Timken exec criticizes Bush plan
Voinovich backs filibuster change, DeWine mum
Democratic lawmakers united against CAFTA
Witnesses: Flood insurance confusing
Regula could investigate claims of harassment at medical agency

Canton Community Clinic will receive $600,000 federal grant
More tributes to pontiff
Portman has chance to help Ohio as top trade representative

MARCH 2005
Petro calls on Supreme Court to support super-max prison policy
DeWine, Voinovich vote against GOP, each other

Regula renamed to Smithsonian, NATO group

State's youngest representative
Regula, Ney, Dems differ on faith-based hiring
Ney earmarks highway projects
Taft requests help for victims of flood in Tuscarawas, Stark
Agency seeks study on area groundwater

Governors back Gates’ view of ‘obsolete’ high schools

Governor: Ohio committed to strengthening high schools
Ohio ahead of national average in educational progress
Gates calls big high schools ‘obsolete’

Regula reappointed vice chairman of appropriations
Stark, Tuscarawas get federal disaster status

Not all Ohio workers get Social Security coverage
Local lawmakers wary of plan for Social Security
Ney chastises Blackwell: ‘You can’t hide’
Bush seeks expansion of airport Guard site

Area pastor prays with thousands at National Prayer Breakfast in D.C.
Ohio GOP lawmakers cautious on Bush’s plan
Taft asks for federal disaster aid due to storms

Taft expected to ask for federal flood aid Friday
Student assistance program coming to Canton

Stark residents take stand against abortion
A politically divided family celebrates red, white & blue
Security tight in nation's capital

U.S. Rep. Strickland won’t run for governor
Timken the belle of Ohioans’ Bush ball
Failure to pass transportation bill could hurt Stark
Regula loses to Calif. lawmaker in bid to lead House Appropriations
Regula fields questions about chairmanship

Campaign for appropriations chairmanship draws to a close
Regula as appropriations chief would benefit state
Next appropriations chairman in for a grueling stint
Regula prepares to bid for appropriations head

Rep. Ney back from visit to Egypt, Turkey
Regula’s run for chairman challenged by special interest
Rep. Ryan admits mistake, pays fine
Area women back tort reform plan
Report says Illinois, other states lag on bioterror efforts
Report finds state lagging in readiness for bioterror attack
Regula wants answers in drug-trial flap

Citizens group, EPA seem to be in a standoff
Concerned Citizens scrambles to get tests done at landfill
Intelligence bill divides reps

Pedestrian deaths dropping

$1 million grant will help launch Jackson YMCA
Grants fund industrial park
Regula pitches fiscal discipline to fellow Republicans

Witness links Ohio’s Ney to tribal scheme
Regula, rivals must clear first hurdle Wednesday
Regula seeks control of Appropriations Committee

Bush makes inroads in rural, suburban areas of Ohio

48 hours
Regula, 79, Ney, 50, get flu shots before shortage
Seemann trails Regula in campaign spending
Ney far ahead of rival in campaign spending
Seemann misses federal finance report filing deadline
Reports aren’t easy to track
Group criticizes how Ohio keeps pollution records

Steelworkers seek appeal of RTI benefit ruling
IEL report shows no radiation threat

No shutdown benefits for Republic

Stark presence repeated seen in Kerry election ads
Regula says no to debates, yes to forums
Building Big Macs not same as making cars, lawmaker says

New Bush ad focuses on Ohio
Ney, other Ohioans, finance their parties
Regula reverses stance on taking money from special interests

Regula donors return the favor
Regula, GOP lose key vote on OT
Ohio's a kingmaker
Kerry television ad targets Ohioan's economic problems

Three cities, Stark to get millions in housing aid
Seemann says Regula behind new OT rules
Environmentalists criticize Ohio’s pollution reporting

In nation's capital, a calm atmosphere
President meets with Timken workers during ride to Stark County

JULY 2004
Bush, Kerry hit the trail
Boston is security 'case study' for post 9-11 events
Convention awes Alliance students
Sarah's Pledge: Youngest delegate makes big splash

Area Steelworkers plugged in
Security concerns not lost on large group of area delegates
Area lawmakers in D.C. generally oppose gun ban

Regula bill adds $10 million for local canalway
Gay marriage amendment fails despite Ohio support
Safety of drug imports on minds of local lawmakers
Taft tries to save unneeded bases in Ohio

Regula, Ney split on votes
Kerry campaign airs ad filmed in Stark County
Small-town Ohio will like Edwards, lawmakers say

JUNE 2004
Election looks tight in Ohio
Fence brought about Reagan-Regula friendship
Lawmakers’ financial reports include Ney’s jackpot win in London
Regula fishing for canal funds
Ney joins Regula on D-Day trip

MAY 2004
Area schools contributed to WWII memorial
Angry Clearview golf legend looks back at WWII, to today, future
Wooster veteran recalls the horrors of WW II
Dedication of WW II Memorial stirs emotions
Kerry calls for mediation at Timken Co.
Regula recounts how WWII changed his life
Ohio’s congressmen reflect anger, bewilderment
Regula wants park fees to become permanent

Brecksville hospital closing won’t affect local veterans
No down-payment bill advances with Ney’s help

Advocates claim Stark 7th in state for children with high levels of lead

APRIL 2004
Memorial opens to WWII
Parks group honors deeds of Regula and Ted Turner

Head of Alliance clinic asks Congress for more funding
Stark flunks new ozone guidelines
Taking aim at record gas prices

MARCH 2004
Massillon woman pleads for more Alzheimer’s funding
Budget vote splits Republicans, Democrats
Timken grad makes pitch to Congress for student aid

McKinley library’s name change draws attention
National park services cut
Report: Summit County ranks high in asbestos deaths
Stark County woman testifies at congressional education hearing
Michel lauded for service

Ohio Congressmen want more transportation money
Bush veto threat ties up highway funding bills
Blagojevich pushes drug plan in D.C.

Home health care funding in danger
Two-horse race: Dean abandons campaign
Parents like new school law more than the testing requirement
Report could help assessment of high schools, Taft says
Lawmakers struggle with federal deficit
Taft sure Kerry to get Ohio Dem vote

Spending bill in Senate includes millions for Stark County
EPA watchdog takes a deeper look at IEL
EPA ombudsman says his role with agency allows objectivity
Regula hatches plan to help Republic retirees
Highway laws in Ohio aren’t up to speed

Area Republicans call year success, Dems don’t
IEL radiation claims under another review
Locals don’t want steel tariffs taken away

Ney expands access to research, but keeps restrictions
Bush ends 2002 tariffs on steel in face of EU trade war

Local lawmakers to vote by party on drug bill
Ney pursues inquiry into independent political committees
Congress passes bill to name post office after Watkins
FirstEnergy given blame for blackout
Oops! Pension glitch corrected for ex-RTI workers
Regula, Brown split on energy legislation

Agency paying shutdown benefits
Dover veterans leader speaks at Arlington

Watkins could get name on post office
Regula blocks proposals to build two area landfills

Capitol Hill services for Corinne Michel
Massillon resident on hand to see Bush sign abortion legislation
Earmarked funds to pay for flood damage

Area companies don’t fear threat of tariffs
Education experts see culture as factor in school racial gap

Regula refuses to ‘earmark’ projects coveted by Dems
Tax relief sought for exporters
First Ladies Library officials open resources, museum to more people
Area lawmakers split by party in vote on Iraq funding
Regula’s paves way to spend $2.1 million on land for complex
Ex-RTI workers get more support

Pension guarantor to appeal ruling
Former RTI steelworkers win benefits

Steel tariffs may be factor in 2004 race
Regula puts area companies in spending bill for contracts
Union certain steel tariffs will continue

More money for Iraq: Why?
Tempest packed a punch, but not like those of past

Isabel expected to hit coast today
FirstEnergy denies charge
State only at start of anti-terror effort

Warning may have prevented blackout
Power failure probed
First lady to dedicate First Ladies’ Library

Congressional hearings on massive blackout to focus on Ohio connection
Library to invite first lady
Regula leaning toward seeking top Appropriations spot
Aid to local governments approved after flood
Stark, Carroll among counties eligible for federal disaster relief

JULY 2003
Durbin gives support to measure targeting mentally ill offenders
Help sought for mentally ill in crime cycle
Congress debates revising rules on refinancing
Student loan refinancing rules debated
Timken, Republic back steel tariff
Regula wants to ease student loan rules
Commission hears pros, and cons of steel tariffs
Eligibility for tax credit gets involved

Health care tax credit may fall short of expectations
Regula stops another landfill project
DeWine, Mrs. Taft at odds with Bush
Tariffs on steel in U.S. illegal
Regula urges trade panel to keep steel tariffs for 3 years

JUNE 2003
Area lawmakers remain split on Rx drug benefit
Ohio State may change preferences plan
Buyers, sellers dispute steel tariffs
Companies oppose steel tariffs
Voinovich getting a pacemaker
Local lawmakers not as rich as some
Kimble estate fights IRS for millions in back taxes 
Working poor feel left out of revised child-tax credit

MAY 2003
Regula weighing run for House chair spot
Area execs worry about Chinese imports
Ohio senator defends tax cut
Stark residents join Bush for tax-cut signing

Health officials alarmed about West Nile virus
Great Lakes restoration programs criticized

Senate OKs proposal to improve reservists’ health-care coverage
Senate approved $350 billion tax cut; Voinovich vote seals the deal
President honors police slain in the line of duty

More financial aid needed for college
Schwarzenegger supports funding for after-school programs

Slain Massillon officer added to U.S. memorial
Timken chairman to receive award

Ohio lawmakers weigh in on House passage of tax cut
Reeve lends name to bill in fight against paralysis
Stark men make pitch for rehab funding
Special ed bill passes House
Government to award Ohio another $46.4M to fight terror

APRIL 2003
Opponents say special education bill would do harm
Canton is one of Bush’s first tax-cut tour stops
Bush stumps for tax cut

Bush takes tax-cut message to deficit hawk's home state
Bush set to visit Canton Thursday
Grant will help poor buy cars

Voinovich likened to the French in ad about tax-cut fight
SARS has deadly impact on economy
Voinovich works to limit tax cut
Regula makes group’s pork list

Timken ready to be chairman of SIPC board
Steel needs more help, industry tells Senate

Oink!? It’s pork project season
Senate committee vote backs Timken

MARCH 2003
War, safety concerns cut into D.C. tourism
War might mean more orders for Timken
WTO rules against U.S. steel tariffs
Timken would like to give investor organization a higher public profile
Health commissioner tours command post
State to receive funds to fight bioterrorism
States will get bioterrorism funds

Area congressmen urge support of Bush, troops
In face of war, Ohio politicos tense

Flexibility sought for special-ed funds
Congressman forbids ‘French’ in government restaurant menus
Long wait pays off for Canton native appointed to court
Steel on upswing as tariffs take hold
House panel investigates red panda deaths at the National Zoo

Lawmakers block plans for landfill

Federal grant for Canton bus station comes through
More to be done: Champion Buckeyes receive a challenge from President Bush
GOP governors urge Washington to cover Rx costs
Local projects get federal funding of $5M through Regula
War may bring terror, ambassador says
Federal aid earmarked for police, road, airport projects in Stark
Lending protection opposed
Coalition unable to impact federal-testing rules
Ohio educators meet with top lawmakers
Schools' lobbysts taking problems to directly to Washington
Memorial service honors diverse team of astronauts
Powell can’t satisfy lawmakers turned off to war

Federal budget may cut steel aid programs

Massillon Steelworkers in D.C. 
Ohio Republicans, Dems split on Bush’s speech 

Lorain lawmaker leads effort opposing force in Iraq 
Senators expecting ban of late-term abortions 

GOP leaders speak out against dividend plan
Timken may lose millions if trade law dumped 
Activists complain about ombudsman 

Voinovich takes over Senate ethics post 
Health officials seek more money to fight bioterrorism 
Congressman says creating jobs tops list 

Regula looks to more federal funds to train teachers 
Voinovich, DeWine support Frist 
DeWine, Voinovich continue to support Lott’s leadership bid 
Glenn, aviation dignitaries help Ohio celebrate flight role 
U.S. approves Ohio plan to cut smog 
Fresh Mark disputes EPA’s $70K fine for ammonia leak at plant 

DeWine, Voinovich get behind Senator Lott 
Lawmakers skeptical of plan for more spies 
DeWine calls for spy boss, more money for espionage 
Durbin says 9-11 report blunt in faulting intelligence

GlenOak grad earns anti-terrorism award 
Blagojevich meets with governors

Bill to bolster state’s power in health crisis 
Government data request surprises 
Security bill limits public information 

Voinovich voices problems on homeland security bill 
Regula expected to keep post despite review by elite GOP group 
GAO report criticizes ombudsman transfer 
Taft calls for court to consider academic standards progress 

DeWine, Voinovich to reap GOP success 
Traficant doesn’t keep Ryan from winning 17th race 
Counties plan to buy protective gear, train workers 
State sits on anti-terror funds 

Final landfill plan could change 
Liberal lobbyists: Ohio clean water enforcement lax 
Sniper causes vast region to alter daily routines 

Ex-EPA ombudsman to head watchdog law firm 

Cantonians join D.C. globalization protest 
House caps malpractice awards; bill faces foes in Senate
Senate panel seeking to free up ombudsman 
Repeal of steel tariff denied 

Ohio lawmakers believe Bush needs to make strong case for military action 
Steel health-care bill lacks consensus from lawmakers, owners 
Regula eyes millions for police radio link 

Regula battles for more spending for education 

Contract awarded for Bow renovation 
Former ombudsman reaches deal, won’t be returning to EPA 
Medical school center named after Regula 
Bush may appoint W.R. Timken to broker board 
Easy ways to reach your congressman 
Steel makers, companies object to latest exclusions 
Military funeral moved 

Time behind bars may bore Traficant 
Tax credit to benefit retirees, unemployed 

JULY 2002
Despite warnings, tariffs didn’t start a trade war 
Provision protects business information 

Governor rejects special election to replace ousted congressman 
Durbin study: Destroyed gun-purchase records may pose public threat 

Democrats’ leaving won’t cost Ohio clout 
Traficant's last stand 
Ohio gets $5.5 million to retrain workers laid off due to imports 
Steel users claim survival at risk
Timken Co. expects robotics $2M grant 
Europe holds off on decision to hike tariffs on U.S. exports 
Investigators clear EPA boss, see error in ombudsman case 

Ombudsman losing power, EPA reveals 
Hey, seniors: Prescription giveaways are out there 

Regula seeks million for old Bow building building money 
U.S. steel companies weigh strategies 

JUNE 2002
Court backs voucher plan for schools 
Gas pipeline project dies; Stark cheers 
Ombudsman’s backers out in force at hearing 
Pension action hurts Republic employee
Ohio educator protests use of union fees 
LTV Retirees can call agency for help with decisions 
Steel collapse hurts retirees 

MAY 2002
Democrats favor trade bill changes, but still would vote it down
Fitzgerald, Durbin split on aid for retired workers 
Ohio senators buck party on steel benefits 

Ohio lawmakers remain divided on public aid legislation 
House OKs $4.4B hike for highways 
Steel makers trying to shed benefit costs 

Stark residents plead for more Alzheimer's funding 
Republic sale could rescue 2,500 jobs 

APRIL 2002
Project compares nursing homes 
Tariffs, rising prices cut U.S. steel industry’s losses, aid earnings 

Ombudsman facing transfer threatens to resign from post 
EPA ombudsman fails in attempt to block his transfer 
Ohio lawmakers guarded about Traficant 
EPA ombudsman fights transfer 

Escalating violence prompts Rep. Ney to put heat on Israel 
Stark officials to use anti-terrorism funds 

MARCH 2002
Natural remedy cheaper, but untested 
Natural cleanups picking up steam 
Welfare plan poses challenge in Ohio 

Ohio lawmakers push for multiple views in evolution 
House takes step to boost highway funding for U.S. 
Ohio congressman: Conditions are deplorable in Afghanistan 
Area steel buyers, sellers react to new steel tariffs 
Steelworkers rally for higher tariffs in D.C. 

Complaints focus on imports 
U.S. budget cuts may halt I-77 widening 

Regula pledges that Ohio programs won’t be cut 
The final push for steel aid
Technology, economics shape steel industry 
Taft to ask Bush, Congress for more federal funding 
Nucor jobs like gold in poor country 

As the post-industrial economy waxes, steel’s importance wanes
Steel minimills hitting stride 
Big steel's decline
School vouchers before high court
Regula raised $59,000, only $500 from district 
Ney not on bottom, but not near top for fund-raising 

Report links tap water to birth defects 
Bush proposes more security at U.S. borders 

National hot line set up for poison information 
Ohioans rally behind Bush message

State gets high, low marks on educational evaluation
Canton native nominated for trade court

Federal funds to help battle bioterrorism 
Regula brings home bacon with new role 
Sawyer opposes Bush request for authority in trade negotiations 
Bush urged to hike steel tariffs 
Proenza, Healy join president’s science panel 
Manufacturing group backs bill 

Timken to get $31 million in trade relief 
EPA strategy could limit authority of ombudsman 

EPA criticized for decision to move ombudsman’s office 
Regula hopes amendment can save Perry glove plant 

LTV workers fear for pensions, medical coverage
Ney counts on election reform 
Timken backs stimulus package 

Taft asks Bush for money to combat terrorism 
Cramped congressional staff makes do 
Looming loss of federal workers worries Voinovich 
Decision a big win for steel industry 
Steel industry, customers wait on Monday’s ruling 
Ohio lawmakers supportive of precautions 
House gives anti-terrorism bill its OK 
Legislation pits counterterrorism vs. privacy 
Lawmakers still mulling terrorism bill 
Experts suggest criminal connection in anthrax cases 
America unprepared for biological assault 
Bioterror safeguards assailed as inadequate
Analysts predict steel imports to continue on downward slide 
Lawmakers fear U.S. unprepared for bioterrorism

State officials testify against steel imports 
Two aircraft nearby when jet crashed in Pa. 
Regula pushes for more bio-terrorism money 
Funding for byways in Ohio could face cuts 
Caterpillar opposes steel relief 

First Ladies’ Library salutes five honorees 
Steel makers at odds over import limits 
Senate confirms Rey nomination 

Small Pa. town overwhelmed with how terrorism hit hom
Terrorist attacks deal steel a setback 
Voinovich misses vote, but backs anti-terrorism bill
Anti-war rally held in D.C.
Border issues follow leaders to faraway Toledo
Toledo a surprisingly good choice for field trip
Radiation testing to end at IEL, but not concerns 

Local EPA reviews could turn regional 

Regula, Sawyer look at tax cut differently 
Stem cell controversy splits Ohio lawmakers 
Canton native named ambassador to Singapore
Senate confirms former Springfield resident as ambassador to Yemen 
Committee OKs Hull's nomination as Yemen ambassador 
Committee OK's Peoria native to be ambassador to Hungary 

JULY 2001
Report may change role of EPA ombudsman
Canton native scrutinized for conservation post
Canton native may add ambassador to resume
Canton native nominated for federal post
Global warming debate heats up
Sawyer, Regula split on anti-missile plans
Ohio lawmaker at forefront of campaign-reform debate

JUNE 2001
Ney pushes own campaign reform version 
Perry relaunches Internet site 
Steel industry probe gains support  
Canton tied to international drug ring
Massillon native nominated to be ambassador to Eritrea 

Group lists threats to manufacturing recovery
Steel imports less of a factor for Timken
Voinovich sponsors meningitis bill
Steelworkers back Bush plan
Bush seeks probe over steel imports
Pipeline builders given deadline extension

MAY 2001
More tests slated for landfill
Soldier buried, with full honors
Senators confirm Perry
Confirmation hearings begin for Canton native
Bush administration quiet on steel remedy
Toxic substance found in landfill
Federal watchdog wants to resume landfill probe
Ney supports bill to punish OPEC
Rep. Traficant indicted on bribery charge
WWII vets divided over war medal
Debate rages on campaign finance plans 

APRIL 2001
Taft proposes takeover of prisons in Youngstown
Taft seeks help for steel industry
Fungicide to be dropped 
Regula supports steel bill
EPA decides to hold off on Ombudsman rules
Bill would give EPA ombudsman more power
DeWine, Voinovich vote against campaign finance reform

March 2001
Regula pushes for farm exhibit at National Zoo
Study in works for Bow Building
Landfill testing shrinks
EPA boss supports more clout for ombudsman
Diebold secures National Archives project
Timken grad, exec eager to oversee agency
First ladies museum called "pork" project
Area residents go to Washington to tell their story
Voinovich renews fights against Lake Erie drilling
Criticism rampant over plans for EPA ombudsman
Regula says he'll pass on steel bill
Steel industry seeks relief in Washington

February 2001
Canton native practices law in the big leagues
Taft assures flexibility for Ohio funding
Senator's efforts could renew landfill probe
Ohio, clean-energy firm complete deal
Voinovich joins call to aid Ohio steel
Shift in EPA ombudsman rules could have big impact
Timken's meeting with Bush: Chaos outside, business inside
Timken supports Bush's tax cut proposal
Regula proposal aims to punish steel imports
Sawyer blasts proposed EPA ombudsman guidelines

Taft, Regula endorse Bush education plan
Anti-abortion president energizes D.C. crowd
Bush asks nation to seek "common good"
Taft to promote Ohio needs with new president
Stark-area politicos have a ball at inauguration
Timken among those paying for inauguration
Education standards in Ohio praised
Taft backs Ohioans for Bush posts
Ney named chairman of House panel
State to wield clout in Washington
Regula to head key spending committee

Area lawmakers: Congress will make modest progress