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Prisoners' sale of ID papers to immigrants investigated 2/18/07
Lawmakers' letters led to Lam's ouster 2/707
President's message mixed on immigration 2/6/07

Minimum wage debate stirs up fears in tuna industry 1/28/07
Feinstein, Gonzales spar over Lam ouster 1/19/06

Prescription sharing among loved ones growing into trend 12/25/06
Feds targeting employers of illegal workers 12/10/06

Company in inquiry built fence at border 11/24/06

New 'dirty bomb' detector sought 10/26/06
New rules to restrict ATVs' use by children 10/20/06
Cunningham's out, but his legislation awaits 10/18/06
Pilot program considered for Mexican trucks in U.S. 10/15/06

More drug cash leaving U.S. for Mexico by car 9/25/06
Rep. Maxine Waters placed on group's 'most corrupt' list 9/21/06
Ethics panel handles few complaints 9/18/06


JULY 2006
Mother pushes for prescription drug reform 7/27/06
Cunningham is taken off list of those to be honored 7/18/06
Cunningham among honored lawmakers 7/14/06

JUNE 2006
'I am an American' A refugee from Saddam Hussein's Iraq fights to clear his name, and officially say ... 6/16/06

MAY 2006
Cunningham papers to go to university in San Marcos 5/14/06

APRIL 2006
Ex-congressman's friend emerges as mystery man 4/15/06

MARCH 2006
Ban sought on children riding in large ATVs 3/20/06
Ex-aide says boss's actions troubled him 3/1/06

Contractor admits bribing Cunningham 2/25/06
Former comrades angered by 'bribe menu' 2/22/06


FBI finds refugee's new name a problem 12/27/05
Bribery case shows House panel laxness, critics claim 12/1/05

Hunter consoling his former colleague 11/30/05
Cunningham staff devastated at extent of corruption 11/30/05
La Jolla developer gets a history lesson in rural Maryland 11/22/05

FEMA nixes county bid to recoup $6.5 million 10/15/05
Prison board reveals number of bus-riding escapees 10/12/05
Feds probe if MDs help immigrants shirk tests 10/11/05

Deported Egyptian will be allowed to appeal 9/24/05
Developer linked to Cunningham has home raided 9/24/05
Prison agency still mum on unescorted transfers 9/19/05

House panel OKs Cunningham legal fund 9/17/05

Cleanup of toxic waste at Tijuana site is praised

JULY 2005
Agents raid Cunningham home, MZM office, yacht

JUNE 2005
FBI looking at sale of Cunningham home
Bank reports in terror fight flood Treasury
Preparing for the worst

MAY 2005
Inmate transport policy 'reckless,' Biden says
Prisoner transfer program plagued by escapes

EMD fined more than $900,000
Transfer seen as threat to crime victims' fund

APRIL 2005

MARCH 2005
Lawmakers laud 'courage' of Padres GM Towers for speaking out
Bush plan to reduce drug program budget riles law enforcement
Mom: 'So many kids are dying' on adult ATVs

Painkiller linked to 3 local deaths
Lawsuit says SAIC inflated contracts
Sen. Durbin tries out a new routine
SAIC exec defends work on FBI software

Security tight in nation's capital
Progress uneven on immigration paperwork
Immigrants' ombudsman sees progress

Funding a problem for police program



Painful remedy?
Pills at will
Accidental addicts

Visits to 9/11 site bring pain, shock

JULY 2004
Edwards a stark contrast in style to that of Cheney

Solicitor general Olson rejoining L.A. law firm

JUNE 2004
Abandoned smelter gets near to cleanup
Regulator criticized by Boxer, Feinstein
Victim's mother pleads for online-drug clampdown
High court opens U.S. roads to Mexican trucks

MAY 2004
Patriot Act provides new way to crack down on money smugglers

Group is alleged to have violated policies
What Marines say they need, they get fast

APRIL 2004
Homeland Security continues to target child molestation
High court considers Mexican trucking
Border group wants visa rules amended

MARCH 2004
Bush immigration plan, rise in apprehensions link denied
Programs facing the ax
Border Patrol targets Arizona
They call for court to require studies of traffic's impact
Cartels keeping ahead in shell game with drug money
Border restrictions may be eased
New voting machines debut today in county

Washington conflicted over same-sex marriage
Opinions far apart on judicial nominee
The evolution of John Edwards
Cleanup slated at toxic plant
Firefighters uneasy with Bush budget
Bush budget holds promise for California and boost for governor

Kerry no stranger to lobbyists' donations
Detectors for 'dirty bombs' set off by range of sources
M.A. in homeland security
Infants' bath seats too risky, group says
Border Patrol union calls plan 'a slap in the face'

U.S. will outlaw sale of ephedra
High court to hear case on admitting Mexican trucks

Proposal targets migrants' offenses
Daisy OKs settlement over dangerous flaws in air guns
History, caught on film
BB guns caught in crossfire with government agency
El Paso to pay state $1.6 billion

Drug use rate in jail higher for women than men
Charges are reinstated against man linked to two 9/11 hijackers
Kroc leaves $200 million gift to NPR

Governor's projected prescription drug savings disputed

EPA ends funding for system tracking waste from Mexico



JULY 2003

JUNE 2003

MAY 2003
State asks FERC to throw out contracts
Man held after Pendleton visit is denied green card
Saudi is no mere news junkie, government says

APRIL 2003
Registration program for foreigners in U.S. to end
'Lost' Egyptian gets caught up in the justice system
Immigration crackdown falters in a key court test
Entry-Exit program might end
Coronado runners to remember two wounded warriors
Military sees growing role for unmanned planes

Rumors swirl of terrorists crossing border
Navy plans to alter training, quicken response times
Wounded pals' mothers also forge a bond

MARCH 2003
U.S. drug-fighting coordinator named
Tracking of toxic wastes is found outdated
FERC paves way for California energy refund
San Diego's 'K-Dog' the dolphin helps divers in war on Iraq
Higher reimbursements sought for jailing of criminal aliens
Military fears habitat rules' effect on local bases
Task force hits possible smugglers of terrorists
Bush proposal puts community-policing programs at risk

Homeland Security nervously springs to life

Security effort ignores tribes, leader says

Border security investigators find easy entry into U.S. with false IDs
Homeland security nominee criticized for his work as DEA leader
'Rape kits' going unprocessed
Bullying incidents on the rise, teen survey finds

Split of troubled INS raises new fear
California officials say El Paso Corp. manipulated gas supplies

Officials praise Mexican efforts
Hefty power bill looms
Plan proposed to clean up toxic mess

Hundreds of vision-impaired truckers on roads under DOT program
El Paso Corp. and California head for showdown over crisis fallout
Border czar's role could be toughest to master
Customs, INS brace for major shake-up
Pelosi becomes favorite to lead House Democrats

Agents sting traffickers in terror, drugs

Case of Simon S&L collapse becomes part of governor's race
Police review board at issue
Effort to curtail INS checkpoints advances
Waivers could aid Mexican trucking
Sniper causes vast region to alter daily routines
Killings at LAX put focus on flaws in immigration system
Local GOP lawmakers back Bush on Iraq
Audit calls immigrant inmate policy inadequate
Senate OKs 5 new U.S. judges for San Diego

Bill to add federal judges clears panel
El Paso Corp. withheld gas during crisis, judge rules
FBI information sharing poses concern for security
Internet drug ring is broken
INS tracking system flawed, official says
Border-crosser arrests decline 28% in a year
High-tech system tracks visitors 
New York still 'hurting' from terror attacks 

INS inundated with criticism over visa plan
INS chief to quit post by year's end
Fugitive crackdown lands more than 100 in San Diego 
Enforcement lacking on wayward Mexican trucks, say DOT 

Prosecutions rise following overhaul of immigration laws
'Suspicious activities' found in truck inquiry 

JULY 2002
House votes overwhelmingly to expand Chicago's O'Hare airport 
INS gets reality check on schools

JUNE 2002
INS must check schools that have foreign

Drug cartel's state network disrupted
Proposed changes are massive, and have critics

MAY 2002
Some rules can keep FBI from sharing secrets with local police
Aid asked for toxic cleanup in Tijuana
Sex-abuse scandal opens old wounds
Jahi has had a lot of bounces in life, say neighbors, kin

APRIL 2002
House OKs INS breakup into 2 separate bureaus | Agency
Maryland kin keep vigil for boy
High court mulls policy over defendant's right to evidence
House panel wants need for freeway checkpoints studied
Bill designed to speed up border flow and security

MARCH 2002
Terrorists can apply to stay so says bill
'80s claims against S.D. bishop resurface
INS not the only target of ire
Bush blasts INS foul-up on visas for 2 terrorists
U.S. must cut demand for illegal drugs, czar says
U.S. hails arrest, but isn't dishing out reward money just yet
Dead or alive, Arellano still a top-ten fugitive
Senators question INS on handling of minors
Ridge looks to merge border agencies

Cleanup of toxic waste site in Tijuana urged by commission 
No takers on Ashcroft offer to terrorist tipsters
U.S. freezes assets of those believed linked to drug cartel

Colleges critical of plan to track foreign students

USD prof reaches way back for justice
'Test of wills' on next U.S. attorney
Matter of Mexican trucks, safety inspections remains puzzler

Rep. Issa's fight with columnist has dark side
5 federal judges may be added to overburdened San Diego court
Talks near on sewage treatment at border
Issa won't modify outspoken views
U.S. says bus firm smuggled immigrants
Filner making some headway on border issues
Filner stays focused on border issues
FBI's future unresolved as Ashcroft seeks shift
Congress, Ventura take turns swinging at Selig

Ashcroft  In Hot  Seat After Low-Key Start
Senators move to keep better track of foreigners

U.S.-Mexico talks, with guest-worker focus, to resume
Hearing on INS changes canceled
Community hit hard by 9/11 hit again
Cost of recovery weighs heavily
Three locals enter pleas in terror probe

'Fun day' at INS weapons site among allegations in inquiry
Airport screening company under FAA's microscope
War on terrorism has slowed war on drugs
Inspectors at U.S. borders lack resources to combat terrorists
Man denied ties to hijacker, indictment says
State loses natural-gas pricing case
Fox 'clearly, loudly' sides with America
Va. man charged with false ID aid
Muslim leader criticizes arrests

Bush-Fox immigration overhaul falls victim to terrorism
Manhattan seeks 'normalcy'
Ready or not, shaken firms open today amid rubble
Dark scenes from a tragedy
Tragedy brings out profiteers, evildoers
Bush visits devastated site
Volunteers' outpouring marks spirit of New York
Rescue hopes rise and fall
In search for missing, family, friends congregate at hospitals and schools
Author calls spouse from doomed plane
Fox's immigration agenda touches nerves in Congress
Border issues follow leaders to faraway Toledo
Trust us, Fox urges Congress
Fox springs a surprise on Bush

U.S., Mexico seek lower expectations for summit
No immigration deal on the table for Fox visit to U.S.

Border-crossing deaths down
INS overhaul may split agency, new boss says
Quick action on migrant plan unlikely, Powell says

JULY 2001
SoCal Gas fights FERC over pipeline
INS mixes up Chicago ZIP codes
Bush's INS pick might be a shoo-in
Road safety of Mexican trucks questioned
White House tones down reports on amnesty
Bill would allow Mexican trucks anywhere in U.S. after inspection
Guest-worker program called misguided
Hunter brothers split on immigrant issue

JUNE 2001
Governor Davis adamant on refund at hearing

FERC orders round-the-clock price curbs throughout West
NAFTA agency ripped for not taking action on Tijuana toxic site
Report: INS lapses in criminal deportations endanger public
FERC seems poised to expand price curbs
Republican urges FERC to restrain power rates
Gas-gouging case still far from decision
New crush of paperwork leaves INS further behind

MAY 2001
White House backs idea of judicial nominating committees
Natural gas CEO denies deal was improper
Judge blasts natural gas firm over deception
Exec hotly denies company withheld gas from California
Worries follow Mexican trucks north
Texas, U.S. officials battle over inspections
DEA head lauds Mexican cooperation
State angry over Bush plan to cut reimbursements
Safety of Mexican trucks questioned
Bush faces less criticism than Clinton on Border Patrol
White House takes on Tex-Mex air
Sempra declares bright outlook despite crisis

APRIL 2001
Bush to name former investment bank to head INS 
61,000 INS items unaccounted for
Mira Mesa women joins crusade to end gun violence
State loses, SD gains in Bush budget proposal

March 2001
School safety chiefs focus on prevention
DC Center honors the Pope and Catholicism
Drug cartels keep illicit machine humming
Centering honoring pope celebrates Catholicism
New VA boss no newcomer to agency
Rep. Davis finding her way around Capitol Hill
Bush certifies Mexico as ally in drug war
Charles "Andy'' Williams lived in two different worlds

Davis ends power buyout pitch on high note

February 2001
Arrests up since 1994 crackdown at border
Recent decline in arrests at border perplexes INS 
Delay sought in Mexico drug certification
Filner: Giving Mexican truckers access is risky

January 2001
Powell, Mexican counterpart meet
Bush to propose splitting up INS
Feinstein renews try for new U.S. judges
Senate approves Principi for veterans post
San Diegans soak up warmth on Inauguration Day
VA-designate Principi warmly lauded