LETTER FROM WASHINGTON | Ethics probe, we think
LETTER FROM WASHINGTON | Real people, real gripes

Va. airline employee rips Filner apology
LETTER FROM WASHINGTON | Calling, and calling on FEMA 11/19/07

Judge advises dropping probe of Qualcomm
LETTER FROM WASHINGTON  My friends George and James

LETTER FROM WASHINGTON | Stopping the primary madness
Teamsters continue battle against truck initiative
LETTER FROM WASHINGTON |Going nuclear over Yucca Mountain

Heavily criticized plane is defunded

JULY 2007
LETTER FROM WASHINGTON | Double the obscurity
LETTER FROM WASHINGTON More military muscle
LETTER FROM WASHINGTON   Election day tracking

JUNE 2007
LETTER FROM WASHINGTON  Making the tough harder

MAY 2007
Qualcomm awaits sanctions in infringement case
LETTER FROM WASHINGTON Capitol Hill road rage
LETTER FROM WASHINGTON  |  'Alligator pear' politics

APRIL 2007
LETTER FROM WASHINGTON | Bigger pond, smaller splash
National science contest pays off for student, 18
LETTER FROM WASHINGTON Point, click to pet projects

MARCH 2007
LETTER FROM WASHINGTON Lam was denied resources: Why? 3/26/07
Verizon, Sprint Nextel oppose ban on imports, fear financial losses
Battle over patent
LETTER FROM WASHINGTON | Bob Filner's big chance

LETTER FROM WASHINGTON   Hunting for votes in S.C.
LETTER FROM WASHINGTON   Assessing risky business
Lawmakers' letters led to Lam's ouster

LETTER FROM WASHINGTON   A kinder, gentler mayor
Minimum wage debate stirs up fears in tuna industry
Sanders wants anti-terror funding made permanent
Feinstein, Gonzales spar over Lam ouster
LETTER FROM WASHINGTON  Who else but Hunter?
Marine could face prison in theft case
LETTER FROM WASHINGTON Freebies take a holiday

LETTER FROM WASHINGTON  'Tis the season for giving
Nation's aerospace industry enjoys a record profit year
LETTER FROM WASHINGTON Sorry, wrong number
Harman: Power shift to be smooth

Northrop expects its insight to pay
Harman out of the running for Intelligence post
Company in inquiry built fence at border
Who will get bruised in Pelosi-Harman feud?
LETTER FROM WASHINGTON |What's a guy gotta do?
LETTER FROM WASHINGTON/Counting our chickens
Spending on space programs likely to rise
South Bay expected to gain from renewed U.S. space effort

C-17 line needs 12 orders to continue
LETTER FROM WASHINGTON;  Follow the dollars
Passenger ships more vulnerable to terror attacks

Air Force likes C-17s, would prefer tankers
Harman demands new Iraq report
LETTER FROM WASHINGTON |Lonely guy, sleeping giant
Boeing's Long Beach C-17 program may last until 2010
Rep. Maxine Waters placed on group's 'most corrupt' list
Viillaraigosa, Harman call for passage of ports measure
LETTER FROM WASHINGTON | Boxer & co. find their villain

LETTER FROM WASHINGTON  | Hunter's got a full plate
2 groups of rockets get approved
LETTER FROM WASHINGTON  Cross backers cross signals

JULY 2006
LETTER FROM WASHINGTON | Issa's Middle East shuttle
Mother pushes for prescription drug reform
LETTER FROM WASHINGTON  |Someone to turn to
Letter from Washington by Dana Wilkie; THE VETERANS ADVOCATE
Bilbray wins assignment to three House committees

JUNE 2006
Ports need recovery plans
Bilbray not yet at home in House
LETTER FROM WASHINGTON |   Bilbray's kids toast MySpace
Space protection called key to nation's future security
Homeland insecurity grows
Bilbray completes return to Congress
C-17's chances improve in Long Beach

MAY 2006
U.S. deal on cross is termed difficult
Two S.D. firms could be competing for Navy contract 

APRIL 2006
Near-shore war ships to be based in San Diego 
C-17 planes to get reprieve? 

Rep. Jane Harman's goal: Aid Democrats on security issue
Carson lawmaker says health reports come from foes

MARCH 2006
United States officials evaluate port security system 
Push for extra C-17s resumes 
Cargo containers inspected at 'staggeringly low' rate 
Harman: ID cards are critical to port security 
Harman co-authors port protection law
Critics see danger in nation's ongoing lack of ID standards for harbor workers
Boeing gets transport order from Australia
Air Force may need more C-17 planes
Harman wants 'solid answers' on ports


Carrier strike groups join focus on western Pacific 

Villaraigosa will give rebuttal to Bush speech in Spanish 
Boeing gambles on the C-17 


Harman says spy program might be too broad

South Bay Democrats reflect rift within their party over Iraq 
Long Beach officials 'optimistic' on more C-17 production 
La Jolla developer gets a history lesson in rural Maryland 
Harman wants House inquiry into pre-war Iraq intelligence 
Harman may lose top intelligence committee job 
LAX to get new safety technology

FEMA nixes county bid to recoup $6.5 million 
Northrop Grumman, Boeing reveal Apollo look-alike
Prison board reveals number of bus-riding escapees 
Feds probe if MDs help immigrants shirk tests 
Harman pushes House bill prohibiting prisoner abuse
South Bay Rep. Harman launches national security committee 
Harman skips the 'filters' in blog on her visit to Iraq 
Letter from Washington

Bomb-sniffing dogs part of security push 
L.A. emergency chiefs outline their preparedness stance 
Pentagon delay is threat to Boeing's C-17 transport 9/15/05
Cunningham is linked to third boat 
Port of L.A. gets $11.4 million 'layer of security'

Letter from Washington 
Officials back off on L.A. terrorism warning
Cleanup of toxic waste at Tijuana site is praised

JULY 2005
Massive transportation bill funds South Bay projects
Light rail officials discuss security at Congressional hearing
L.A. mayor in pursuit of federal aid for city
Letter from Washington

Spending their $1 million allowance

JUNE 2005
Medical marijuana supporters lose bid in House for state control
Preparing for the worst
FTC OKs patent deal clearing path for Unocal acquisition
Comment about closing MCRD has S.D. lawmakers up in arms
Poway speller among final 51 at national bee
Villaraigosa steps into the national politics spotlight

May 2005
Middle-schooler back at national bee
EMD fined more than $900,000
Airport security gets new scrutiny by Congress
Transfer seen as threat to crime victims' fund

APRIL 2005
Bush wants controls over LNG imports
Truck grant legislation is added to energy bill
Final Air Force base push is made
Biotech patents an issue for court
Filner sides with ex-POWs in case against White House
Security funds slated for port complex
Hamel nominated to head space center
Border prank has local source

MARCH 2005
LAX to get new bomb-detection device
Federal transit bill contains millions for South Bay projects

Painkiller linked to 3 local deaths
Harman joins criticism of Bush administration's budget tactics
Port officials concerned about security grants in Bush budget

RAND suggests anti-missile system for airlines may be too costly
Supreme Court weighs damages in RPV case

Congresswoman Harman continues push for 9-11 package

Airport security screening may go into private hands
LAX got 'lucky' in near-hit


Filipino-American WWII veterans arrested in protest for benefits

Events, opportunity bring Asians to South Bay
Immigrant community has roots in agricultural past
Latino immigrants struggle to break family cycles of poverty
Students adrift in alien culture find anchor in Lawndale school

JULY 2004
Use of dunes visitors fees to study flower widely criticized
Solicitor general Olson rejoining L.A. law firm

Governor urges FERC to seek energy refunds for Californians

JUNE 2004
Abandoned smelter gets near to cleanup
Regulator criticized by Boxer, Feinstein
Plan to cut fliers' waiting time to be tested
Ports warn security funds needed
Harman urges Bush to release a memo on torture to Congress

MAY 2004
Patriot Act provides new way to crack down on money smugglers
Group is alleged to have violated policies
3 local WWII vets among those at memorial dedication
Carrier Reagan sails for S.D. home
Issa sets sights on reforms in government
Feds act to counter bioterrorism
House defeats bill to deny care for illegal immigrants
California wins some, loses some under Bush
California lawmakers call new Iraq prison photos 'disgusting'
DC trip gathers backing for AFB
Harman expects copy of report
Fire officials have continued concerns

APRIL 2004
Homeland Security continues to target child molestation
Harman offers new plan against terrorism
Boxer urges passage of bill to arm pilots

MARCH 2004
State's GOP boss, Bush camp huddle
Programs facing the ax

Study blaming Navy ships for asbestos deaths
San Diegans want a new Navy ship named after city
New voting machines debut today in county

Opinions far apart on judicial nominee
Waters predicts 'bloodbath' in Haiti
Harman: Port security funds lacking

M.A. in homeland security

Hussein’s capture may cut attacks
Issa plan criticized for aiding SDG&E
Security funding on way for port

Compromise reached on plan to thin forests
Hunter pushing measure to boost U.S. toolmakers
History, caught on film
Crumbling mission?
El Paso to pay state $1.6 billion
U.S. giving $10 million to region for security
Missouri mowers beat California's clean air in Senate

Military construction bill allocates millions to San Diego region
Drug use rate in jail higher for women than men

Charges are reinstated against man linked to two 9/11 hijackers
Officials lobby for port security
Forest legislation stalls amid lawmakers' procedural squabble
Legislation buoys Torrance proposal in ship-naming program
Smuggled children among struggles played out at border
Repeal of export tax break could cost S.D. jobs
U.S. ban urged for ephedra products

Critics say forest thinning could raise fire risks
Kroc leaves $200 million gift to NPR
Senate privacy bill OK'd; law for Calif. would be trumped

Push to save California's privacy law is thwarted

Wildfires boost forest-thinning bill
Get-to-know trip becomes fire-aid mission for Gov.-elect
Schwarzenegger cuts trip short, supports forest-thinning plans
EPA ends funding for system tracking waste from Mexico

Privacy bill may curtail safeguards in state law
Homeless first in line for vacant U.S. sites, but . . .
Turning the spotlight on state's need for aid
Bush follows up aid with words of comfort
Maria Shriver has her own star power
State faces uphill fight for federal funds
Northrop, Sikorsky link in bid for Army contract
Will recall pay off for Issa's political ambitions?
'Drudge' work may be deciding factor in recall
Reliant reaches settlement agreement
State rips proposed payments for power

Whether U.S. Supreme Court will rule on recall is uncertain

Calif. license law for illegals worries feds
Not all stars shine in office
FERC head backs power settlements
9/11 investigators baffled FBI cleared 3 ex-San Diegans
Boxer to urge vote for Bustamante if Davis is recalled
Harmon Opposes Patriot Act Extension

Raytheon gathers team for NATO bid
Sempra gets OK for LNG terminal

FERC takes knocks again from GAO in new report
Rohrabacher urges new space vehicle technology
Bustamante endorsed by 3 major labor unions
Democrat hopefuls find it's difficult to compete with recall
California House Democrats endorse Bustamante
Harman leads call for declassifying report
Schwarzenegger cheered; Feinstein says Davis can win

Utilities cleared of withholding energy

JULY 2003
President set to visit San Diego in August
Transit systems hit a rocky road

Lawmakers call for curbs on ephedra
House panel puts ephedra studies under microscope
Metabolife execs take the Fifth
Davis undaunted by Feinstein backers
Funding for ship security at issue
FEC's ruling on donations could affect Issa
Sempra, SDG&E will talk to FERC

Rep. Harman questions justification for Iraq war
State Democrats discussing 'caretaker' in case of recall
'Man this ship and bring her to life'
Metabolife execs, worker face subpoenas in ephedra probe

Panel delays vote on issue similar to Issa's
Vote may weigh on Issa role in recall

JUNE 2003
Air Force may buy Boeing planes
Murdoch calls merger a boon
Harman calls terror strategy ‘next to useless’
Harman on tap to review Iraq intelligence
State challenges efforts to reduce power refunds
Harman questions weapons intelligence
Federal background checks half finished
Sacramento lobbies to be Quantico of the West

MAY 2003
Screening flaws cited by Ridge
Filipino vets get Bush benefits vow
State asks FERC to throw out contracts
Study knocks Hahn’s LAX
L.A. to get more dollars for security
Issa's bid to recall governor questioned
Harman calls for release of 9-11 report
Man held after Pendleton visit is denied green card
California In Line For More  Homeland Security Dollars

APRIL 2003
County asserts claim to trails
L.A. Gets Radiation Detection Equipment From Feds 
Coronado runners to remember two wounded warriors
Power companies admit to misdeeds during state crisis
New power crisis could hit state, ISO official says
Senate rejects airline anti-missile spending
Boxer seeks funds to help airlines thwart attacks from missiles
Intentional idling of power plants questioned

MARCH 2003
Cities spend $70 million weekly on higher alert
Power struggle could sidetrack FERC nominees
South Bay sailors face war’s risks
FERC plans to disclose evidence in power case
State files a long list of energy allegations

Davis pitches high-tech sector for wartime contracts
Rohrabacher one of best-positioned to probe NASA on Columbia disaster
Rohrabacher to stay on space panel during probe
NASSCO's Navy ships might be cut by one
Reliant to pay in power price manipulation
A deadline speeds state search for energy data

Rohrabacher backs curbs on foreign forms of identification 
Malpractice caps unfair, Chula Vista family says
Mayor: Gang problem stretches beyond LA
Rohrabacher leads his own way 
Rep. Harman gets key intelligence post 

HORN leaving quiet legacy as he bows out of political spotlight
Ex-Union-Tribune editor explores his spiritual side
Crumbling missions await repairs, but help uncertain
Harman finds 9-11 report a good start

State can bolster its case for refunds
Toll road won't be exempt from state laws

Hawthorne native’s rise is sheer poetry 
Police review board at issue
Lawmakers try for slice of security pie 
S.D. tribe's casino plan stalls bill
Harman joins group pushing for new agency 
AFL-CIO wants safety inspectors sent to ports
DirecTV merger blocked by FCC 
Parent centers await fate in federal budget
Cunningham in tears during speech on Iraq
Senate OKs 5 new U.S. judges for San Diego
Two lawmakers ask Bush to intervene in port dispute 
South Bay lawmakers split on Iraq resolution 

Intelligence agencies struggle to meet language needs
Bill to add federal judges clears panel
LAX testing plan to cut searches
War support traces party lines
Grant Awarded For Major Southern California Aviation Study
Transportation ID put on hold

Fugitive crackdown lands more than 100 in San Diego 
S.D. tuna firms get victory in trade bill signed by Bush
Company fined for not telling feds it used radioactive materials on ship

JULY 2002|
Governor, regulators clash over ISO board
Airport security deadline at risk
Feinstein again urges energy oversight
Airport flunks security screening test
Rate surcharge for upgrades to SDG&E security to increase bills 2 cents a month

JUNE 2002
Mexican army is blamed for assault
House Moves To Require More Intelligence Sharing With Local Officials
Technology area code still possible for South Bay
Boeing unit wins $2 billion U.S. pact
State lags on power plants, GAO says
Offshore drilling negotiable, officials say
Issa wants hybrid cars to have right to fast lane
Drug cartel's state network disrupted
Harman and others on Capitol Hill caution re turf-jealous lawmakers
Ban sought on gas exports to plants that pollute
FERC gives power firms ultimatum
Justices side with Duke on contracts
Ex-S.D. cleric now D.C. bishop

MAY 2002
National bee's debut event spells downfall for local girl
Several traders deny using Enron-like tactics in California
Imperial County to get safe-border focus
Mexican soldier's shot at U.S. agent investigated
Aid asked for toxic cleanup in Tijuana
House panel is told environmental curbs hurt military
Shift to El Toro still 'possibility'
Subpoenas OK'd for Enron hearing on price manipulation
Sex-abuse scandal opens old wounds
State was easy prey for power ploys, experts say
Bush awards posthumous Navy Cross to county native
Scope of power-price inquiry widens
Memos show how Enron took state, officials say
Jahi has had a lot of bounces in life, say neighbors, kin
S.D. biotech firms compete for anti-terror contracts

APRIL 2002
State in long line for federal security funds
Maryland kin keep vigil for boy
Hearings on power contracts ordered
SDG&E power-line plan resisted
FERC: Enron data 'is of no value' in probe
House panel wants need for freeway checkpoints studied
County gives blessing to El Toro park plan
SDG&E power-line proposal hits resistance in Congress
Horn Challenges Bush Order On Presidential Paper Secrecy
Enron 'sham' blamed for driving up power prices
FERC stands by OK of pipeline
Hearings ordered on power pacts
Simon, Bush mend fences, talk about gubernatorial race
Pipeline study for border area faulted by EPA
Raytheon, Northrop Grumman team for federal contract
CalFed water plan caught in flood of conflicting interests

MARCH 2002
Wide rifts mark local delegation to Congress
Army endorses arming of some Guard troops at border
Enron 'evidence' boxes hold used cups, chili bowls
Transportation officials weighing arguments for arming pilots, crews
Regulatory exemptions aided Enron
'80s claims against S.D. bishop resurface
Pentagon credit card abuse still reported
L.A. airport traffic down 22.5 percent
LAX Upgrade for larger jets could cost $1.2 billion
Davis wary that legislation on ethanol could raise gas prices
Senators question INS on handling of minors
Ridge calls for better border technology

Cleanup of toxic waste site in Tijuana urged by commission 
Harman Pushes Intelligence Sharing Bill
Supreme Court Hears Alleged Discrimination Case From El Segundo 
Send money, port officials tell congress
Davis accuses Riordan of flip-flops
Local student's hearing opens
Northrop Grumman seeks Fire Scout funding
Weapons proposals should aid San Diego
Bush plan would cut funding for roads
Filner urges pipeline be reconsidered

Irradiated mail draws complaints
Feinstein: Guantanamo better than state jails
Colleges critical of plan to track foreign students
Educational facts of life work against California
Report recommends federal help for border cities
USD prof reaches way back for justice
'Test of wills' on next U.S. attorney
Customs chief outlines cargo container security plan 
Arab nations cooperation "excellent" in terrorism war says Harman 
Congress has yet to address port security vulnerabilities

Matter of Mexican trucks, safety inspections remains puzzler

S.D. native's exposure to anthrax tale of fear, survival
State's population jumps even with troubled economy
Rep. Issa's fight with columnist has dark side
Rep. Harman has history in anti-terrorism
Delay, hurdles part of military base-closing bill
5 federal judges may be added to overburdened San Diego court
Osprey program gets guarded clearance to resume test flights
Region's economy due big boost from defense appropriations bill
Despite trailing in polls, Davis predicts 'double-digit' victory
U.S. could get multi-tiered terrorism alert system, Davis says
Sparring Over Military Tribunals Intensifies on Capitol Hill
Guard leader wants anti-terrorism units

Talks near on sewage treatment at border
Issa won't modify outspoken views
U.S. says bus firm smuggled immigrants
Filner making some headway on border issues
Filner stays focused on border issues
Security spending affords opportunities for businesses
State official sees little need for adopting model bioterrorism plan
Satellite TV Giants Grilled on Merger
Rep. Issa's heritage allows him access to Mideast diplomacy

San Diego-based tuna companies lobby to keep tariff on imports
Boxer, Feinstein, staffs coping in 'exile'
U.S.-Mexico talks, with guest-worker focus, to resume
INS splits enforcement, service functions
$1 million to Los Angeles County for communications system
Traces of anthrax spores found in Feinstein office; no risk seen
Carrier Stennis, group to head for war
3 S.D.-based ships sent from war zone to guard trade talks
Three locals enter pleas in terror probe
Congress OKs funds to restore beaches

Funding for port clears House
Carrier Reagan to call S.D. home

'Fun day' at INS weapons site among allegations in inquiry
Airport screening company under FAA's microscope

Issa suggests profiling kept him off flight
San Diegan tested in anthrax scare
Minority whip job big plus for state
State loses natural-gas pricing case
Official says quakes, disasters keep state prepared
Report critical of California's energy deals   

Fox's immigration agenda touches nerves in Congress
Border issues follow leaders to faraway Toledo
Trust us, Fox urges Congress
Mexico's new-found democracy helps Fox make hit in U.S. visit
Toledo a surprisingly good choice for field trip
Fox springs a surprise on Bush
U.S., Mexico seek lower expectations for summit
Bush says stalled agenda on Mexico is fault of Congress
No immigration deal on the table for Fox visit to U.S.

Border-crossing deaths down
County can't absorb all its livestock, poultry waste
INS overhaul may split agency, new boss says
Question of propriety might end access to control room
Base-closing talk worries Californians
Cleanup costs stall plans for old bases
New immigration plan raises new issues
NextWave's high hopes tempered by legal reality
Quick action on migrant plan unlikely, Powell says
Military's proposed cuts may hit home
Davis wears the party hat at governors confab
Joint task force will decide power issues
Off-limits list could be key to base closings
Red-light cameras debated

JULY 2001
SoCal Gas fights FERC over pipeline
Navy defends its credit-card record
Local probe questions use of U.S. credit cards
Issa's eyes opened by Congress' complexity
Bush's INS pick might be a shoo-in
Road safety of Mexican trucks questioned
White House tones down reports on amnesty
Bush's top team launches blitz for energy agenda
Stem-cell issue blurs ideological lines
Time may be now for delegation to stand united
Feinstein: Airlines should set drink limit
Refund claim can't stand, judge says
Bill would allow Mexican trucks anywhere in U.S. after inspection
Guest-worker program called misguided
Refunds in jeopardy as talks fail
The new Boxer has pragmatic twist
Hunter brothers split on immigrant issue
Refund talks lag for state, suppliers
New FERC chairman seems attuned to state's woes
Sen. Feinstein a battler for causes she deems right

JUNE 2001
House bolsters beach projects in area 
Judge in settlement talks says he isn't biased against amount
State, generators lock horns in talks
Bush names L.A. judge to appeals court
Governor Davis adamant on refund at hearing
Air Force general wants more Long Beach-built C-17s
State will press generators to refund billions
FERC orders round-the-clock price curbs throughout West
NAFTA agency ripped for not taking action on Tijuana toxic site
Report cites INS lapses in criminal deportations
Worried Republicans urge more price curbs
FERC seems poised to expand price curbs
Republican urges FERC to restrain power rates
Politics played a major role in ethanol decision
New crush of paperwork leaves INS further behind
Natural gas price-gouging case still far from decision
Energy relief bill mired in dispute over price caps
Electricity puts two mega-states at cultural odds
Deaths of 14 immigrants loom over border talks
Feinstein looks into cancer clusters
Jamul girl felled by 'phylactery' in round 5 of national spelldown

MAY 2001
FERC boss unfazed by Davis' lawsuit threat
County's speller solves 'gyromancy' in national contest
Jamul speller advances to bee's second round
White House backs idea of judicial nominating committees
Top county speller hopes to triumph  in Washington
Davis, Bush on collision course over energy
Natural gas CEO denies deal was improper
Judge blasts natural gas firm over deception
Feinstein, Boxer wait in the wings for key posts

Exec denies gas firm withheld gas to drive up prices in California
Bush-Davis to meet on energy crisis
Democrats to renew push for energy price caps

GOP rejects curbs on energy prices
House tries to help California cope
Bush orders federal workers to cut power use
DEA head lauds Mexican cooperation
State angry over Bush plan to cut reimbursements
Safety of Mexican trucks questioned
FERC chairman defends limited price-control order aimed at aiding California
Sempra Energy chairman reviews banner year for investors

APRIL 2001
Bush to name GOP insider as director of INS
61,000 INS items unaccounted for
Nyland named to take over Marine air programs
San Diego-made pilotless plane sets distance record
The Osprey saga: A deadly study in impatience, haste
Mira Mesa women joins crusade to end gun violence
Save the Osprey program, but go slow, panel says

Limited price controls approved
FERC to weigh limited curbs on electricity prices
Free-marketer to lobby U.S. for price controls
Mineta doubtful energy-price caps would ease crisis
FERC orders release of energy contracts
Quick fix proposed for power problems

State loses as SD gains in Bush budget proposal
GOP activists feel state is being snubbed by Bush
Quick fix proposed for power problems

Immigration kicks off U.S.-Mexico talks

MARCH 2001
Drug cartels keep illicit machine humming along, officials say
Abraham tells major suppliers to boost efforts, cut shutdowns 

High court debates medical marijuana
Bush calls California energy crisis `ominous'
Congressman eyes nuclear vessels as source of power
School safety chiefs focus on prevention
California chided on power-plant stand
Abraham rules out power price caps
2 firms accused of closing plants to inflate prices
New VA boss is no newcomer
Feinstein again pushes stiffer laws on guns
Once cheerful and charming, the boy took on a darker side
Susan Davis adjusts to life as a smaller fish in a bigger pond
Osprey investigators seize computers of two Marine generals
Bush certifies Mexico efforts in drug war
Davis ends buyout pitch on high note
Plan to buy transmission lines worries federal energy official

Energy chief `open' to plan on transmission-line buyout
Davis fights for backing, takes state plan to D.C.
Environmentalists fear Bush will expedite tapping of existing leases
D.C. visit has Davis in national spotlight
Out-of-state firms bend on power prices
Critics fault plan to increase use of bombing range near sensitive sites
Bush concentrates on agenda in first formal news conference
General up for promotion misled press on Osprey

Recent decline in arrests at border perplexes INS
Arrests up since 1994 crackdown at border
Fox, Bush hug, smile; now comes real work

Bush, Fox upbeat after summit
Deregulation can work, other markets report
Bush's goal: new kinship with Mexico
Delay sought in Mexico drug certification
Another military pay raise expected
Increase in checks of copters ordered
Feinstein's bill to control price of power to get key panel's eye
F-22 fighter jet's future still up in the air
Giving access is risky, Filner say
U.S. satellite firms vexed by export law
Osprey can't land safely if engines fail, critics say
Osprey controversy growing for Marines
Western states urge federal price cap

Powell, Mexican counterpart meet
Bush intiates search for new energy policy
Bush to propose splitting of INS into enforcement, service units
Feinstein renews try for more U.S. judges
Feinstein will vote against Ashcroft
State's delegation gets cold shoulder along Capitol Hill
Clinton avoids gas additive issue
Bush to visit Fox's ranch in Mexico
Senate confirms Principi for veterans affairs pos
Bush chooses price-cap foe to lead FERC
Nation's mayors favor 10% cut in energy use
INAUGURATION: San Diegans soak up warmth of day
New D.C. team not likely to play major role in state's power woes
Davis wants legislation to let state help utilities
Urgent talks held to abate energy chaos
State barely escapes rolling blackouts
Negotiators close in on deal
Energy summit generates optimism
Sen. Boxer takes aim at Ashcroft nomination
Californian Thomas gets key House post
Davis and Issa take seats in Congress
Energy groups meet in push for an accord on long-term power