Canton Repository

Sept. 15,  2001

Voinovich misses vote, but backs anti-terrorism bill

Copley News Service

WASHINGTON — George Voinovich, one of four senators who missed a vote to provide $40 billion in anti-terrorism aid, fully
supports the bill, he said Friday.

“Today’s unanimous passage of legislation to provide funding for disaster relief and our military, as well as to give the president
broad military authority to fight the new war on terrorism, should demonstrate to the world both the unified and strong resolve that
exists in our country,” the Ohio Republican said in a statement.

Voinovich missed the vote, which he said came earlier than expected Friday, while he was on the way back from reviewing damage at the Pentagon.

The state’s other senator, Republican Mike DeWine, was among senators who voted 96-0 in favor of the bill providing emergency aid
to recover from Tuesday’s terrorist attack and prevent terrorism.

DeWine called the attack “brutal, evil, unprovoked,” adding, “This is war. We will find those responsible and we will eliminate them.”

Voinovich and Sen. James Jeffords, a Vermont independent, had gone to the Pentagon at the invitation of the Federal Emergency
Management Agency to assess damage caused by a hijacked airliner that smashed into the defense complex Tuesday, Voinovich
spokesman Scott Milburn said.

FEMA invited them because Jeffords is chairman of the Environment and Public Works Committee, which has jurisdiction over the
agency. Voinovich is the ranking Republican on the committee’s clean air subcommittee.

FEMA officials told Voinovich that the aircraft hit the Pentagon at a point where the structure had recently been reinforced. “It could
have been far, far worse,” Voinovich said he was told.

Voinovich had planned to vote in favor of the aid and telephoned seeking a delay in the vote until he could return, but the request
was turned down, Milburn said.

Jeffords also missed the vote, as did Sens. Larry Craig, R-Idaho and Jesse Helms, R-N.C.

The House voted 422-0 in favor of the bill. All 19 representatives from Ohio were on hand to vote for the bill.

While he missed the funding vote at 10:22 a.m., Voinovich was back in time for a second vote at 10:44 a.m. that expressed
congressional support for military action against terrorists. That resolution passed 98-0.