Canton Repository

May 30, 2001

Tests slated for landfill 

Copley Washington correspondent 

WASHINGTON — More tests have been scheduled this week for the ground water at the Industrial Excess Landfill after earlier results triggered concern among Lake Township officials.

Preliminary results from March tests showed worse than expected benzene contamination of the water at the 30-acre Superfund site, said township consultant Tom Shalala. Benzene is a toxic, colorless liquid.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency officials also plan in a week or so to begin a long-planned removal of seven or eight underground storage tanks and septic systems on the site, and demolition of three abandoned buildings on the west edge of the landfill.

The March test results still are preliminary because they have not yet been validated by the U.S. EPA, which oversees the testing with the Ohio EPA.

Several companies that are considered “potentially responsible” for the cleanup conduct the tests four times a year. The EPA initially projected it
would have confirmed the March results by now, but it is late on those and still hasn’t validated earlier test results from November.

As in the past, the testing this week will assess levels of volatile organic compounds, metals and radiation, federal officials said. Recent tests have not found radiation levels in the water exceeding federal standards.

The results also will be used to “gauge progress in reducing pollutant concentrations in the ground water below the landfill via natural process or natural attenuation,” according to the U.S. EPA.

The same 25 monitoring wells that were sampled in March will be sampled this week, said Paul Wolford, a spokesman for the companies.