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Education standards praised in Ohio 

Repository Washington correspondent 

WASHINGTON — Ohio received high marks for its education standards, an average grade for improving teacher quality and low marks for the even-handedness with which funds are allocated to public schools.

The grades came from Education Week’s fifth annual survey of states’ efforts to develop standards and ways to measure progress. The publication released its national report Wednesday.

Ohio’s marks slipped this year, but Education Week downplayed the slippage, saying changes in the way the study was done might have accounted for some of the difference.

‘‘Because we changed our grading scheme, it’s really not fair to compare year to year,’’ said Virginia B. Edwards, editor and publisher of Education Week.

Buckeye State legislators are working to overhaul the school financing system by June 15 in response to an Ohio Supreme Court decision two years ago that found the state failed to provide a ‘‘thorough and
efficient’’ system of education as required by the state constitution.

The Education Week report found that efforts to raise learning standards and measure academic achievement have started to bear fruit in American schools, but added that states may need to provide additional resources to ensure the efforts succeed.

‘‘Our concern is that unless states balance the pressures they’re now putting on schools and students with the training and materials needed to do the job, their high expectations won’t be realized,’’ said Edwards.

‘‘And public support for public education, in general, could be undermined.’’