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08-Mar-2001 Thursday 

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Feinstein again pushes stiffer laws on guns 

Finlay Lewis and Toby Eckert 

WASHINGTON -- Sen. Dianne Feinstein has renewed her call for tougher gun-control laws, saying that this week's killings at Santana High School demonstrate that "enough is enough."

"I think America's at a crossroads," said the California Democrat. "Either we're going to succumb to the pro-gun interests and continue this anything-goes-with-guns public policy or we're going to recognize that the people of America deserve basic, common-sense protections."

Feinstein told reporters Tuesday that she would push for measures requiring that handguns be sold with trigger locks, and to hold gun owners criminally responsible if their weapons are not stored safely and are misused.

Gun-control measures went nowhere in the last Congress. Advocates could not overcome the opposition of the National Rifle Association and the Republican leadership.

A spokesman for Rep. Duncan Hunter, an El Cajon Republican and a staunch NRA supporter, said it is unlikely that the Santana shootings would alter the congressman's views.

"California has some of the strictest gun laws in the country," said the
spokesman, Mike Harrison. "I don't think this (incident) is a reflection of the lack of gun control in California as much as it was the action of a disturbed young man."